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A Fresh Dining Space – with Golden and Pine!

A Fresh Dining Space with Golden and Pine! / Bev Cooks

HOME. There’s weight in that word, isn’t there? How about DISCOUNT. Is there weight in that word? Thought so. Right now I’m reading Julie Andrews’ memoir of her earlier years, called Home. Have you read it? It is beyond fascinating! And I’m not even to the MARY POPPINS PART YET. I’ve always been drawn to […]

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My Mug Shots (Coffee Mugs! Simmer Down.)

My Mugs Shots. (Coffee Mugs! Simmer Down.)

Did you honestly think they’d let someone like me even cross the prison threshold? Please. Let’s talk about coffee mugs! Also known as, the cockcrow caffeine-carrying cauldron of cheer. But I’m not dramatic about it or anything. It all started, I want to saaay, two Mother’s Days ago. Aaron came home from work early on […]

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Amelia $200 Shopping Spree!

Baby Collage

Suuuure I love Target just as much as the next Jo(ann?). But today…today we’re celebrating what really makes my heart get all twitterpated. The powaaaah of independent businesses! I’ve been so, so, so excited about this giveaway/shopping spree since forever ago. Not only is this little humble place the mecca of cool, the owner is […]

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Snoopits: The Walls Edition

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Ahhhh, welcome to the second edition of Snoopits! The series that allows me to pretend I’m cool enough for you to want to snoop around my crib. All the while realizing there will never be a world or lifetime in which I am cool enough to say the word crib. So what we have here […]

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