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Our Back Patio Brings Exactly Two Boys to the Yard.

Our Back Patio with Article! / Bev Cooks

At last! Our back patio. The post on our back patio. My back patio post. I’ve been soooo excited to share all of the beautiful outdoor furniture pieces and patio accessories that my lover Article gifted us last month. You know I wanted to get this up earlier, but it’s been raining for 57 months […]

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Bedroom Refresh with Article! Cue All the Ugly Tears.

Bedroom Refresh with Article / Bev Cooks

We got a new bedroom! Well, not the walls. The walls and the ceiling and the door were already there. Which . . . okay, you knew that. But we got new stuff! New bedroom stuff. From my lover Article. You know my unwavering devotion to the Sven sofa they gifted us earlier this year. […]

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