You guys I really want to be on a hidden camera show.

I really really do. But this is the twist, I hate pranks! Rather, I hate being pranked. CERTAIN types of pranks. For instance, don’t startle me. There’s nothing worse in the world than being startled and if you startle me I’ll will drop kick you in the boob.

I want to be on hidden camera MAGIC show. How completely amazing would that be?! I want to get spooked or wowed or thrown into utter disbelief watching a little spider turn into a kitten or something. (I originally typed out kitty cat and immediately realized I hate those words.)

I want that so bad! We’ve been watching a lot of The Carbonara Effect recently. Yes, again. Remember when I was so obsessed with him years ago? He has new episodes out now and they are so much fun. You feel like you’re taking crazy pills. (ntm)

What I love about the show is the reaction of human beings (why did I say it like that) when they’re finally in on the secret. When they learn they’re the victim of the whole thing. That they’re being pranked. Everyone reacts the exact same and I’m so fascinated by it! It doesn’t quite register at first. There’s always a micro lag of connectors in the noggin. And then it’s shock, denial, laughter, more denial, anger but in a playful tone, the big circle of disbelief everyone walks in. We’re all the same! I just think it’s amazing.

Please someone get me on one of those shows.

Also if you have more suggestions of shows like that, tell me! (Justin Willman is incredible, too. And ca-uuuuute.)

Okay, I have a question for you, and I want you to think long and hard on it. (because you clearly have the time for this) But it’s fun, I swear!

If you could pick one setting out of all the books you’ve read, what would it be? Where would you go? As in, was there a book you read with such a picturesque or quaint or magical setting, that you would spend a weekend or week there?

Tell me what it would be! You can pick a few, I suppose. BESIDES New York. Something less obvious. (but it’s fine if that’s your choice because I understand it.)

I mean, Nantucket, right? You know my *Elin obsession. Obviously Nantucket. BUT GO DEEPER.

There’s this book club that I follow on IG and their group went to a little town near Lake Michigan to live out the feel of Beach Read by Emily Henry. Such a great book! And they desperately needed that town in their lives, so they went. And I could not obsess more. (I’m trying to find the book club!)

For me, it would be Positano, Italy (from One Italian Summer) LOOK AT THIS PLACE. It might be a bit of a cliché answer, but that’s where I’d go. Speaking of, if anyone needs to sponsor an influencer in Positano Italy for some pretty lemon tree content, let me know. Sign me up. I’m here for the taking.

But where else?! What would you pick. Tell me these things.

*Uuuuuuum did you happen to see Elin Hilderbrand MAKE AND POST one of my recipes in her Stories this week? She lit-rally had her laptop on her kitchen counter with my ding dong website pulled up and she made my dip. SHE MADE MY DIP. And she posted it in her fun Cringe Cooking series in Stories and I immediately died and retired. jk. but almost.

Elin!!! This is for sure something that I will regularly remind you of, so buckle up.

Hair update! Remember when I asked you all about hair masks fOrEvER (Sandlot style) ago? Well get this, I bought the inexpensive mask, and the more expensive one. And guess which one I love so much more? I feel like you can see where this is going.

The cheaper one! It is outrageously better than the dumb expensive one. I’ll link both for you. But honestly, go with the cheaper. It sticks to my hair more in a way the fancy one did not. I could barely brush out the tangles with the fancy one. And it made me curse.



So there you have it, if you’re needing a hair mask, the Argan one worked wonders for me. The other one I want to grab it by its earlobe and shake my finger at it.

Weekend plans?

I had Covid this week! It was so mild, thaaaank goodness. (and vaccines) I’m now in that period where I’m back in society, but masked through Monday. That said, I’m taking my friend Anna thrifting today. In a mask, chill out. She just got over Covid as well, so we’re hitting some thrift stores and I’m going to show her “the art” of thrifting. Which there really is none, but there sort of is. I’ll take you with us! We’re also playing tennis with spritzers, duh (and our daughters) tomorrow to jump start my birthday. Natch.

From this week, in case you ignored it because hello, zero comments. I’m okay though::: A CLASSIC Tuna Melt. But open faced! So delish. And here’s the video for that one. And also a Roasted Chickpea Salad! Unreal. I have yet to post the video for this, but I will this weekend! Swearsies.

Okay, book settings! I’m SO ready to read these comments. Hit meh.