Monthly Mixtape: Swept Patios and Shaken Rugs

March! That window is gonna be open today, babe.

Monthly Mixtape: Swept Patios and Shaken Rugs / Bev Cooks

March is a b, though. Just when we get excited about bulbs peeking through the frigid ground, or the grass clicking (clicking?) one teeny shade greener than it was last week, or fuzzy little buds on the ends of tree limbs just begging to plump, it’ll freeze again. And snow again. And get annoyingly windy.

But! It’s March and we’re here, so let’s wrap around our heads around spring prep. At some point this month we’ll rip out the dead, bag up the rot, leaf blow the debris and get all the garden and lounge spaces ready for warm weather action. So naturally we need some music to go with it! See how I do?

This mix – it’s mostly chill, with a side of indie, a splash of trip-hop, a kiss of dreamy piano and a little soothy soothy for the soul. You’ll love it. Perfect background for dinner prep, or having friends over, or while you’re building garden beds (us. I mean Aaron), or anytime. It’s a transition mix, really. Sticking our little piggies in the new season. Absolutely hated the way that came out just now.

Without another word, I give you, The Swept Patios and Shaken Rugs mix.

Spring is in twenty daaaays! Also known as trench coat season, natch.


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