DeLallo Gourmet Gift Boxes! All the Noshing.

You know me and a good nibble spread.

DeLallo Gourmet Gift Boxes / Bev Cooks

I feel like I’m constantly posting overheads of nosh spreads. It’s a sickness from which I never want to be healed.

But this one is boomtastic BECAUSE it’s just in time for all your holiday party madness. (“I’m ready to par-taaaaaaaaayyyyy with-thaaa-best-of-them-and I’m gonna go down TO THE RIVAAAAR.” – name that movie.)

You know DeLallo has those fabulous gourmet gift boxes? I MEAN, WHO CAN TURN DOWN A GIFT BOX, AM I RIGHT?

The words gift and box go together like peanut and butter.

Christmas and tree.

Wilson and Phillips.

You know.


DeLallo Gourmet Gift Boxes / Bev Cooks

And they have a ton. Like, so many.

And I’m showing you this because you MIGHT have someone on your Christmas list (or yourself), that loves to host (maybe you?), or that might be the hardest person in the entire world to shop for (besides food). I’m telling you, these gourmet gift boxes are a PIMP idea for a Christmas gift. Or for your Christmas Day spread! Or Christmas Eve spread! Or next week spread! Listen, YOU DO YOU.

Let me show you which one I got, and what I did with it.

DeLallo Gourmet Gift Boxes / Bev Cooks

I ordered the Winter Holiday Cheeseboard gourmet gift box. But hark, pigeons, it’s so much more than just fromage. DeLallo is so good at ALL the Italian noshies. Nuts, spreads, crackers, stuffed olives, peppers, meats, dude.

I’m calling you dude. The gift box doesn’t include a dude. But it could.

DeLallo Gourmet Gift Boxes / Bev Cooks

I mean. It’s ridiculous. So much amazingness. So much happening. Can’t feel my face.

DeLallo Gourmet Gift Boxes / Bev Cooks

So this is what it looked like before I arranged it all on a big cutting board on Thanksgiving Day. I feel like I just needed to show you that.

But look at that! So much life opportunity in one place.

DeLallo Gourmet Gift Boxes / Bev Cooks

Of course I wasn’t able to put everything out at once, unless your board is enormous because this spread is mammothly scrumptious. So I just put out about half, arrange arrange arrange, joosh joosh joosh, nosh nosh nosh. And then filled it up throughout the afternoon as needed!

And all was well. Hashtag Bloody Mary.

DeLallo Gourmet Gift Boxes / Bev Cooks

Here’s more of a close up, in case you’re like me and need all the details for the sake of inner peace.








I’m screaming because it is 100% necessary.

DeLallo Gourmet Gift Boxes / Bev Cooks

No, you are correct. Nat is holding nothing. Absolutely nothing. Ghost drink. And she was iiiiinto it, boy.

And you are also correct. Homegirl has the bandaid on the OUTSIDE of her leggings. Should I start a prayer circle?

This spread was absolutely fabulous, you guys. Everyone raved on and on and nibbled their faces off all morning and early afternoon. And like I said, DeLallo has TONS of gourmet spreads to choose from. And the price range is huge and vast and will work for anything. BOOM, yo.

But because we’re clearly besties and I think you might be itching for a discount, DeLallo and I want to offer a 30% off discount for this exact gift box! Just use the code BEVCOOKS at checkout, and it will knock off a few buckaroos. (Don’t tell anyone I just said buckaroos.)

DeLallo Gourmet Gift Boxes / Bev Cooks

You might even get lucky enough to have your small child dredge her bare finger through the raw honey that everyone was eating.

. . . yay?

(This post is definitely in partnership with DeLallo. But all ramblings and noshings are totally my own. We coo?)

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  1. Susan December 6, 2018 at 6:36 pm #
    Ha ha ha !! Did not notice Nat's bandaid till you pointed it out!!!
  2. Krystel Bradtke March 20, 2020 at 5:26 am #
    I would like these DeLallo Gourmet Gift Boxes as soon as possible because they are looking extremely delicious and mouthwatering. I want to know whether I can purchase this baked recipe from you or not. I always think of using either to complete papers or write any recipe.

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