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Kids listening for the "big truck"




Did you guys ever watch The Jinx? I know, I know – I’m super late to the party. We finally watched it this week. Finished last night. My jaw is still nowhere near my face and it’s starting to look weird. (also, I promise no spoilers in this post!)

Like, the whole time I thought, “He’s so guilty. How is this going to end? He’s so obviously guilty. These people are morons. He’s so blatantly guilty. I’m going to freak my ish if this goes the way I think it’s going to go.”

And THEN. Those last.few.seconds.of.the.entire.documentary. WHAAAAAAAAAATTTTTAAAAAAAAAA. Like, my blood turned to ice. My whole body went sort of numb for a few seconds. My face is still stuck in the “AHHHLSDFJ@#$@SDFD@S!!!” expression.


The whole documentary series reminds me of The Staircase. Did you ever watch that?! True fact, it was that documentary series alone that caused Aaron and me to spiral into this deep, dark fascinating web of forensic mania. Years and years ago, we obsessively watched The Staircase in our downtown Kansas City loft with a box of cheap wine and a trough of Chipotle burrito bowls. It’s all very similar! (minus the loft and boxed wine)

But my main question today, only hours after having finished The Jinx is – where’s Durst now? Is he back singing lead in Limp Bizkit? (oh he’s not. . .? oh.) Is he in orange? On the streets? What’s happened to him since? I saw something about an arrest in New Orleans, but nothing really past that. SO WHERE IS HE?

Back in his band, right?

Outdoor patio blanket

Let’s play a game.

Who do you think would win in a fight?:::

Fleetwood Mac vs. Led Zeppelin

Wilma Flintstone vs. Betty Rubble

Windshield wipers vs. two wooden spoons

A box of tissue paper vs. a conch shell.

(^^these are the things I think about. help me.)

A cracked, brick fireplace.

So he never sang for Limp Bizkit?

Did his kid?

. . . Grandkid?

Game Day Canapé / Bev Cooks

I told you about this on the Facebook, but the Facebook is super lame for me and never shows ANYTHING TO ANYONE. So I’ll tell you here!

For the rest of this year, I’ve partnered up with Wisconsin Cheese Board (basically a dream for me and a total nightmare for Aaron), where I’ll come up with amazingly simple cheesy recipes, like that one raht thar ^^^. It’s a canapé, for game day! (oh that rhymed) All it is is bread, tomato, cheddar, bacon, chives and hot sauce. Ridiculous. Here’s the direct highway to that recipe, if you need to inhale 86 immediately. Which you do.

. . . See, I thooought Durst was way too old to be in Limp Bizkit!

Also, why do those two words suck so bad? Limp and Bizkit. Nasty.

Mushrooms in our front garden bed. Gross.

Long weekend plans!? We’re headed to the ever-so charming and quaint town of Eureka Springs, AR bright and early in the morning. Aaron’s mom has a cute little house reserved for all of us waaay up by the Crescent Hotel. Which HI, IS MASSIVELY HAUNTED. I can’t wait. I want to go have drinks in the lounge and wait for an old woman in white to appear in the walls or shove me into my glass. Ghosts need a drink, too!

Which reminds me, on the way back from my birthday train/wine trip to (Pee Wee) Hermann, we capped off the train ride with a round of chilling ghost stories. I have a couple. I’ll tell you someday in another Flotsam. DO YOU HAVE ANY? I’m irrationally obsessed with ghost stories and I desperately need you to tell me yours! And I’ll read them all to Aaron on the way to Eureka tomorrow, right after we listen to this. Duh. I know you have the goods. Spill it! Oh my gosh I’m going to barf.






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8 Responses to Friday Flotsam

  1. Elisabeth September 2, 2016 at 7:38 am #
    Ghost Story????? What about mine here:------ A year ago, I was passing lovely road holidays along the river Loire in France, together with the man I live with for nearly 50 years. We passed Royal Châteaux, medieval towns, green valleys, fine restaurants. "Why can't we live here?" I sighed and off we went to a local real estate agent. He showed us round and soon we fell in love with a classic 17th century house in the Loire style. Of course we visited the jewel - well, rather rough a jewel.... The owner ( a painter) opened the door and showed us round. In the end, she said: "Well, it's a fine house, for sure, but I certainly have to warn you. This place is haunted." "Oh, there is a ghost in this place?" I asked rather foolishly. "Is it Jeanne d'Arc's ghost?" I added, because Jeanne d'Arc had passed the city when fighting the English centuries ago. "Mais non Madame", the painter laughed. " The ghost is YOU!" We bought MY house. Next week we're going to sign the contract.
    • Whitney September 2, 2016 at 2:45 pm #
      Ok seriously! I think it is so cool that you are going to Eureka! I will be on Beaver lake all weekend just a hope skip and jump from there, awesome relaxing plans!!! Enjoy the quaintness of Eureka!!
  2. Jenna September 2, 2016 at 8:56 am #
    Back in the early days of buying things online, I fell early and I fell hard. My cat looooooved getting all the boxes to play in so fun was had by all. One October night, I was taking it easy on the couch when she skittered in from the other room on her toenails, back arched, fur up, yowling, staring off towards the entryway. Cats can see things we humans can't, you know. "What is it, Lula?" I gasped. She looked at me, shook it off, and meandered away. Not ten minutes later, she careened back in the living room, same way: on her claws, arched back, fur standing up at all ends, wide eyed, hissing. "Oh no!" I cried, going fetal. "Is it a ghost??" She started grooming herself and all was calm...for a few minutes. When it happened a third time, I snuck into the entryway, ready to do...what? I don't know. How does one fight a ghost? She followed me...then started rubbing up against a block of styrofoam from a package we had received earlier that day. Got herself all staticky, then shocked herself and freaked out. We ended up having other "ghosty" incidents together but she was useless every time.
  3. Kiley September 2, 2016 at 1:24 pm #
    lower case-capital-lower case-capital-capital-capital-capital :)
  4. Elizabeth P September 2, 2016 at 1:56 pm #
    Ok, here are my picks. Fleetwood Mac - because they seem all calm and folksy with the afternoon delight but I feel like they would be undercover ninja-y. Betty Rubble - I feel like she harbors some resentment that could fuel her fire in the fight. Windshield wipers- Have you ever accidentally dropped them when putting them down? They have some snap! And they have those little spaces as well. I feel like they would have a multi pronged attack. a conch shell - pokey and hard.
  5. Kristin B September 2, 2016 at 2:15 pm #
    Hey Bev, For amazing ghost stories check out the podcast Snap Judgement, they have a 'Spooked' series. I am a morning jogger and love to listen to podcasts...listing to someone talk makes me feel less alone while the neighborhood is just waking up. Big mistake listening to these spooked jog around turned into a run home and lock the door.
  6. Dee @ The Kitchen Snob September 2, 2016 at 6:49 pm #
    Ooo ooo I've got a good ghost story. It's the story of the Souffle Cup Ghost! Yes, even food related! I lived in an apartment in Monrovia, CA with my best friend. The place was definitely haunted (so many stories to back this up including other residents had stories as well). So we had one of those older kitchens where the top kitchen cabinets would go all the way up near the ceiling. The souffle cups were never going to be used by 2 girls in college, so they were kept wayyy up on the top shelf of the top cabinet. In order to get the souffle cups down, one had to hoist themselves up onto the counter so you'd be sitting on the counter, then reach your hands way up as high as you could to get them down. It was a PITA. Well, every day I'd come home from school and the souffle cups would be sitting on the counter. Clean, mind you. We didn't have a lot of counter space so I'd hoist my butt up on the counter and put them away, annoyed. This happened several times a week. I'd think "what on earth is she [my roommate] doing with these souffle cups?" Several months go by and finally my roommate says to me "Why do you keep using the souffle cups?" WHAT?! I told her I've never used them but that I keep finding them on the counter when I come home from school. Apparently, when she would come home first, she'd find them sitting on the counter and put them away. And when I was home first, I'd put them away. Meanwhile, neither one of us mentioned it for months because we just assumed the other had been taking them down to use them. They were just appearing there every day! Spooky! And hearing nightly footsteps on the roof didn't help either :-O


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