Friday Flotsam


Hisbiscus flower bush

Okay, so I snapped about this ^^^ flower yesterday. And of course I asked you what it was, because it had slipped Aaron’s mind and I was too lazy to use Dr. Goog. Well, as soon as I walked back in house, I looked it up. (I’m great at timing.) (Also, ignore the weeds. It’s a Friday thing.)

It’s a Hibiscus. Like HA-BISCUITS. Just exactly like that! But an i instead of an a, and no hyphen, and instead of its at the end it’s just u and s. And no sass. In other words, it’s exactly like HA-BISCUITS. Exactly!

But wait. The plot thickens.

I was snapping with someone this morning and sheeeee said that they’re called Gumamela in the Philippines, and kids use the flowers to make bubbles. Freaking bubbles. Do you KNOWWW how obsessed my kids are with bubbles? I’m basically going to save summer today.

Do you know how to do this? Have you made bubbles with the Guma-biscus? I’m dying to. I’m reading on the interflex how to do this, and it’s seems pretty easy. Pick the flowers, grind into a pulp, add water and maybe a little dish soap. My only question is, can I make it from the already-fallen flowers? Because I don’t want to pick the existing blooms. Dey too purty. OMG I’m doing this. I’ll snap it today!

I’m way too excited about flower bubble pulp right now.

Black-Eyed Susans

We need to talk about a new show on Netflix before I fall apart at the seams.

Oh don’t worry! I’ve not stopped The West Wing. No way, dude. Matter of fact, I even have Aaron watching it with me. He thinks he doesn’t care anything about the incredible characters, the riveting plot, the twists and turns. But he does. He so cares. We’re on episode 2 of Season 2. UGH. It’s so insane and sad right now.

But that’s not what I’m going to blab about today.

Haaaaaaave you met Ted?

Wait, that’s not it.

Haaaaaaave you heard of Stranger Things? It’s just like E.T. meets Poltergeist meets Strange Encounters meets The Neverending Story meets Working Girl. (not really on that last one) IT IS SO GOOD. Set in the ’80s, kid goes missing, spooky ish happens, blah blah. Winona Ryder’s in it, which is deeply satisfying for this Reality Bites-obsessed gal. “We’re going to eat gas.” – the best.

You have to watch it! Aaron finished it last night, but I had to get in bed to get some beauty rest so that I could wake up at the crack and talk to you. See the sacrifices I make for you?

Maybe forget I just said that.

Woven Fabric.

We finally got front-facing car seats! Finally. These are the ones we got, and so far we diiiig them.

And get this, we (totally Aaron) installed them yesterday (in the 100-degree heat and 28363423% humidity), so we took the kids for a dangerous joy ride right after. (<–not really, Mom.) I was so afraid they were going to get vertigo and barf all over themselves. But they didn’t!

I did.

Just kidding!


They LOVED the new seats. For the entire duration of the ride they acted like we were on the Shock Wave at Six Flags. Lots of, “Woo hooooo! That’s amaaaaazing! Bye-bye, everybody! Wake up!”

I don’t exactly know what the “wake up” thing was all about. When I tried to ask Nat what she meant, she just said, “Kitty Cat says meow!”

Got it, kid.

Fruit Tree Illustration

Can I ask you a serious question? Super serious. Life-or-death serious.

Is collagen powder better than collagen cream? Or does it matter? If you take and apply, is that over the top? Or is just just enough? Or not enough? If you do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around, will that work?

What’s best for your neck and jowls?

Not that I’m obsessed or anything!


Little kids with their summer pops

Weekend plans? I have a coffee date this morning, some house cleaning today, a sis-in-law visit later this afternoon (you better believe some Wine Talk be happenin’), some Wonton Shrimpies to photograph, and two always-nude toddlers to keep submerged in ice water and armed with popsicles.

Seriously, they have been naked exactly 92% of the summer. No lie. Outside. In front of people. It’s an epidemic! The cutest epidemic ever.

Don’t forget about this sweet Instagram giveaway! Or this hot hot hot summer mix!

I’m trying to think if there’s one more to thing to add that warrants an exclamation point.

Looking like nope!






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4 Responses to Friday Flotsam

  1. Marly July 23, 2016 at 8:25 am #
    You know, I'm all about the bubbles, so I'm seriously curious about that HA-biscuits thing. I found this page with instructions. Don't you just wonder who was the first person that figured this out! Oh, I think I'll just grind up flower petals and blow them through a straw. I don't get it!!!
  2. Katie Bell July 25, 2016 at 4:20 pm #
    I have a friend who may or may not have mentioned that she never once saw my little girl completely clothed between the months of 18 and 24...not sorry. Thanks for the post.
  3. Steph July 26, 2016 at 9:46 pm #
    Stranger Things started off good then I saw the thing with the pool and no just no. I had nightmares. I can't handle anything creepy like that. I've never seen West Wing or Friday Noght Lights. Currently watching Orange is the New Black. My second baby just started crawling and I'm basically a walking zombie.
    • Bev Weidner July 27, 2016 at 6:29 am #
      You muuuuust watch FNL and The West Wing! Start with FNL. It's light, high school drama, shirtless boys. You know.

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