Friday Flotsam



Important question for your Friday morning.

Do we need a gua sha thingy for our faces?

Also, WHAT is a gua sha? And don’t be fooled, I keep having to google the spelling because I keep wanting to call it gusher shawl.

This is the thing. The IG algorithm is obsessed with showing me facial videos, head spa videos, ASMR videos, puppy spa videos (which you clearly already know), and REIKI videos which is another whole thing in itself and we will definitely get to it.

But gua sha. Do we need it? I mean, I’ve seen those thingies before. They look like a pastry scraper got left in the microwave. And I’m obviously into it. But I need to know if it works. All the girls in the videos are . . . well, very young. But glowy and dewy and it looks pretty darn relaxing. Can I take my pastry cutter, melt it and do the same thing?

Listen, I’m putting a gua sha in my Amazon cart and waiting for you to talk me out of it. Or into it.

Also . . .


You may as well put some vintage Enya on because we’re about to get new the hell age.

WHAT IS REIKI. I’ve been watching a lot of admittedly calming videos of women gently pushing their hands into the camera this way and that. But this is the thing, they have loooong nails and all I can really do is try and spot the dirt under their nails. Which I feel like might defeat the point of reiki. And I righty? Ha! Oh.

Isn’t it about pushing energy around or out or in or away? This one woman (that – okay . . . I clicked follow after nearly falling asleep watching one of hers) wears a bunch of beaded bracelets and she shakes her wrists every so often and she’ll whisper “pluck . . . pluck . . . snip . . . snip.” and I am severely confused.

And I swear, I’m not trying to be a turd.

What is she plucking? What is she snipping? The energy? I know one of y’all is new agey. Give me the dirt. The nail dirt.


Now I want to listen to Enya.

Alright, here is what’s ahead, y’allins. I started Mastering the Art of French Murder (set in 1940s Paris, post war. Hello, yes.) and guess who’s in it. JULIA HERSELF. It’s cozy! This week has been bananas and I’m only 50 in. But I plan to devour this weekend.

I did a poll on IG and the overwhelming love went to Demon Copperhead (I keep calling it David Copperfield), but people have warned me that it’s heavy and life-altering and BI-IIIII-IG. So I’m working up to it! I’ll do a few lighter ones before.

What’s your fave (not fav) out of this stack?

Have you noticed how in most New York Times newsletters in recent mornings, there’s an article on what to wash in your home? Hahahaha! Like every single day it’s all, “Wash your comforter.” “Wash your towels.” “It’s time to clean your phone.” “You need to wash your water bottle, omg.”

We are disgusting freaks, is what they’re trying to say.

Weekend plans?

Estate sale this morning, shooting a dipping oil (!) this afternoon, chillin’ tonight, soccer tomorrow, KU bball watching with friends, maybe a run, lots of book time and gusher shawlin’ my face hole. Which . . . doesn’t sound right.

From this week::: Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Blue Cheese and Balsamic Vinegar. SIMPLE and unreal. Here’s that video! Also I made a grazing board video paired with a Resonance Pinot Noir and it’s just so, so good. Get your snack on!

Okay – gua sha. Are we in, out, or a maybe?

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4 Responses to Friday Flotsam

  1. Courtney February 23, 2024 at 9:04 am #
    Reiki Master here. So many things! First, Reiki is the Japanese art of energy balancing to promote relaxation and reduce stress. Think of it almost like a massage for your chakras or energy field. Second, anyone doing Reiki on the Internet making sounds and wearing jewelry is probably BS. You're not supposed to wear any jewelry while practicing because it can interfere with the energy flow (I'm guessing they were wearing crystal beads?). They can absorb the client's energy and then you're literally carrying it around. The sounds she was making was probably for cutting energy cords, which is an actual technique. But again, how she is doing that randomly on IG and for what or who doesn't really make sense. There are plenty of legit Reiki practitioners and I would definitely encourage you to try it. But don't judge us by the weirdos on IG. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk :). PS- I have a gua sha but definitely prefer the jade roller. I think it's easier to use and does the same thing. I got a set of both on Amazon for maybe $15.
    • Nancy February 23, 2024 at 10:35 am #
      Thank you for explaining Reiki. I, too, always wondered what it was.
  2. Nicole February 23, 2024 at 10:05 am #
    Demon Copperhead is so good!
  3. monkey mart February 27, 2024 at 3:29 am #
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