Friday Flotsam

F    R    I    D    E   E   E   E   E   E eeE EE eEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeEEE.

Some pretty building in the Kansas City Country Club Plaza

Kardashian Self Tanner REPORT: (don’t x out)

I actually like it! This is the specific one I used. The instant one. Holy balls I was scared. But it looks nice! Bronzey. Sun kissed. It’s not too intense, because I used the applicator mitt. This thing. I DO have a little streak on my ankle that I need to exfoliate this morning and smooth into my foot, but it’s hardly noticeable. At least to me. Aaron’s probably scarred forever and hasn’t said anything because he’s a gentleman like that.

I think I’ll do the lightest ever once over this morning before we head to Arkansas for the holiday. (I secretly want to say “for holiday” like they do in Europe. Not THE holiday. Just holiday. I get back from holiday on Monday. I love it! Actually, I sound pretty d-baggy.)

I’ll report again on the Snaps today what a second coat looks like. I should probably stop while I’m ahead. But really, what’s oooooone tiny extra layer going to do, right?

I’m talking way too much about self tanner right now. If I told you I had a mole removed this week, does that make things better between us?



Fence Peepin'

Remember faces of little children on the backs of milk cartons? What happened to that? Why did it stop? Other than the internet and advanced technology and cell phones and all that.

I think they need to start doing it again. I think I should be on the back of a milk carton. Just to say “hey”, ya know. Just me, smiling. Looking awkwardly, right at you. “Hi! It’s me. Bev. I’m actually at home . . . in Kansas. But I just wanted to pop in and say hi. On this milk carton here. Hope you’re doing well in life. Get your oil changed. Okay bye.”

I think that needs to happen. But only on organic milk. Reduced fat.

. . . Chocolate milk.

And heavy cream.

Okay fine, and wine bottles.

Truffle Fries for dinner - Obviously.

Do you ever wash your hands on cold glasses? Cold drinking glasses? Cold drinking glasses with a bunch of condensation on the outside of them? That’s basically the way I wash my hands at restaurants. Besides when I go to the restroom, you freak! Gross.

Like, AT the table. If I’m in a conversation with someone, and I suddenly feel the urge to wash my hands, but I don’t want to be rude and get up and leave, I just rub my hands down the sides of the condensation, and I feel so much better.

Sure sure, I have 13 hand sanitizers in my bag, but that would require picking UP the bag, rummaging THROUGH the bag, getting teed off AT the bag, you know. Glass rubbing is where it’s at.

You do this, right? I’m sure you do.

Sorry I called you a freak up there.

Tyler Kingston Studio in Kansas City - I want to live here forever.

Show me your favorite cover up. I’m headed to Cabo with my Girl Squad in less than a month, and I’m officially fine tuning my beach wardrobe. I have a light poncho that I’ll bring, and a semi cute short kimono from last year. But I need to see your favoritest everest cover up. Tunic, kaftan, poncho, garbage bag, WHAT HAVE YOU. I need inspo. Beach-spo?

No no.

Madewell Summer Jean, iced coffee, and my favorite Le Papier Studio Cuff.

Long weekend plans? We’re headed to Fayetteville today for our annual Fourth of July family pool time fireworks bursting kid wrangling extravaganza! #mericuh

Also, I’m going to JAZZERCISE with Sarah. I’m irrationally excited. I’ll deeeefinitely snap us in our neon animal print leotards.

You think I’m kidding.

One last thing! If you’ve not yet entered the cuff giveaway on my IG page (^^ that photo, like three rows down on Instagram) you best dew eet! I’m picking a winner later today. While we’re on the road and the kids are hungry and crying and I’m desperately wanting to listen to Lilith Fair and Aaron’s ear holes are bleeding. I’ll pick then!

Have a fun and safe (<–gah, I’m such a mom) holiday weekend, errrone.






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6 Responses to Friday Flotsam

  1. Lindsay July 1, 2016 at 8:32 am #
    I had a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day today, and when I read the part about washing your hands on drinking glasses made me "gahhhhhh!" out loud! BECAUSE I DO THAT TOO, AND I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE! And I always think I'm being sooooo sneaky! Sorry for yelling. P.S. I used to run the "daycare" for kiddos at Jazzercise back in the day (cough, cough, circa 1993, me and a bunch of gremlins in a smelly room filled with wrestling mats and moldy toys, ew), and I would start dance parties with the bebes when my fave songs would come blaring through the walls. Whitney, Paula, Kylie, Madons. I'd like to think I ushered in a group of toddlers who appreciate big hair, awkward teens with Sally Jesse glasses, and geometric spandex. Even if it haunts their nightmares. #sorrynotsorry
  2. Lindsay July 1, 2016 at 9:52 am #
    Love Flotsam! Random idea, I follow you on Snap Chat and was thinking the other day during "wine Talk" that you should give wine pairing suggestions with your recipes. If anything, it's an excuse to try more wine! Have a great weekend!
  3. Shereen @ Shereen Travels Cheap July 1, 2016 at 2:21 pm #
    Yup. I also clean my hands on glasses. It's not just you. Sometimes what you're eating makes your hands sticky and you want to keep eating, but your hands are yuck. I'm glad I'm not the only weird one :) I head the photos on the milk cartons didn't really work. They had like 700 kids' pictures and then they ended up circulating for a decade. It would be nice to just have a picture of a friendly person on them though...maybe on the non-milks too, like Soy make you feel better about your choices.
  4. Nicole July 2, 2016 at 12:03 pm #
    Anthropologie Crossback Day Dress Just got this swim cover up. Tag sale!!!
  5. Shari Evans July 2, 2016 at 5:28 pm #
    Ok, so I'm pasty white also and have tried dozens of self tanners. Per your suggestion I bought this yesterday and I must agree, I like it! Best one so far, thanks!
    • Bev Weidner July 4, 2016 at 3:55 pm #
      It's pretty good, isn't it!? I'm already excited for another coat later this week. :)

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