The Crying Game

My house is crying. It looks and feels like someone had surgery a few days ago. It’s calling out to me, begging for attention. I think I even heard a snarky whisper, “stop blogging and start making me pretty already.” I point to the man with the missing nose and say, “do you SEE what I’m dealing with right now? You and your dust bunnies can chill.”

So, now that I’ve eaten and my man has taken his pain meds, (thank you GOD) I can finally give this place some much needed TLC. That is until America’s Test Kitchen comes on PBS and my attention is history.

Turmeric-Spiced Fried Egg on Toast:

What it took for 1 Gal: (Aaron is sleeping. Again.)

* 1 egg,

* 1 piece of whole grain toast

* sprinkle of ground tumeric

* sprinkle of coarse sea salt and freshly ground pepper

* fresh parmesan shavings

* drizzle of olive oil

In a small skillet fry your egg. Season with tumeric, salt and pepper. Toast your bread and top with the egg. Shave some cheese on top and drizzle with some olive oil. Take a bite and forget you were going to post this.

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