Friday Flotsam


If you were a mall, what stores would you have?

That’s an odd question, let me revamp that. Let’s say you were the PLAZA. The KC Plaza. And you were getting bought by new owners, and they needed a list of stores to bring to the Plaza, what would those stores be besides Aesop, Zara and Glossier? (Those are my picks!)

I know someone who knows someone’s uncle who knows someone’s dad and partner that know these other peeps, so I’m collecting Dream List Ideas If Bev Had Her Way Because Why Not.

What would your plaza look like? What stores? I’ll pass them on if they’re not jank.

Ha! Just kidding. Wait what?

I think I’m done Christmas shopping. I think I think. All that’s left are stocking stuffers, which are my absolute favorite part. So far (for the kids) I have teeny keychain puzzles, m&ms in a cane shape, card games, and these GORGEOUS brass apple bells I found at an estate sale. And chapsticks.

What do you put in yours?! I ordered the Times magazine with Taylor on the cover so obviously I’ll shove that into mine. With lotions and face masks, of course.

Where do you stand with shopping? Feeling good? Feeling on top of it? Did I just completely stress you out?

I have a beef with the Farmer’s Almanac this year. Bro said Kansas City was on track for a white Christmas, and so far all I’m seeing is mild and 50ish. That’s not going to work for me.

You guys, just how accurate is the Farmer’s Almanac? I’ll admit, I’m in it for the cover illustration alone. It’s gorgeous to look at. Anything old-timey slash Monty Pythony-style has my soul. But don’t tell me we’re getting a white Christmas and deliver anything less. We can’t have that.

Do you put stock in it? Or just obsessively refresh your weather app like me? Or both?

In other words, #needslife.

Weekend plans?

It’s equal parts chill and active over here. Girl Scouts event tonight (gonna kill some time with a few moms while that’s happening!), soccer game tomorrow, Snuffle Family Movie Night tomorrow night (Elf and Indian food takeout, yes please), and the Chiefs on Sunday. (it’s my mission to guess what Taylor will be wearing each game. just let me have this one thing.)

I have two recipes I’m trying to finish shooting (a pie and an appie!) so I’m going to make it my beeswax to get that ish DUNZO. (sorry about that entire sentence.) I also need to get The Family Stone in at some point. It’s just not Christmas without it. I desperately need buzzed SJP dancing in that dive bar in her diaphanous blouse with the police officer. It’s just too good.

From this week! Your cozy Christmas mixtape. Yes oh yes. And a Christmas Breakfast Strata! (speaking of the Family Stone) You absolutely need both happening in your psyche.

What’s for dinner tonight?

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2 Responses to Friday Flotsam

  1. Renae December 8, 2023 at 4:19 pm #
    I just wanted to let you know that I adored this Friday's Flotsam. I'm 100% looking forward to trying the strata this weekend. I LURVE The Family Stone. I would LOVE a fabulous stationery shop. Fabulous pens, to-do tablets, adorable puzzles, yummy candles, delicious hand lotion, gorgeous calendars, boxes of cards, yes, please. Enjoy your weekend. Oh, and I'm going to say some adorable hot pants, tights, docs, and a satiny bomber jacket. Has she done that already? Oh well, it's classic and it's so very HER.
  2. Brandy K December 9, 2023 at 1:28 am #
    Stocking stuffers are all about slowing down and pampering yourself! And I wait till the last 2 days so I make myself shop local! And baking all the gifts!

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