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Simple Rosé Sangria (FOR SOMEONE’S BIRTHDAY.) (mine.)

Simple Rosé Sangria / Bev Cooks

It’s my birthday! So I made you (me) (us?) rosé sangria. ROSÉ SANGRIA. But before I even begin this blab fest, you should know I hate fruit and wine together. Hate it! Which makes this entire p0st a walking contradiction on birthday clown stilts – but listen. I can explain. A while back, when my […]

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Guest Post and Mulled Red Wine Sangria


Oooooo Lawdy, LAWDY what a holiday weekend. I counted my fingers and toes, and from what I can tell, they’re all there. How did you manage? Did you come out alive with all of your limbs as well? Nicely done, chap! (chap?) All right, so do you remember this chili? Well, while I am doing […]

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