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Mulled Rosé Wine

Mulled Rosé Wine / Bev Cooks

UM, YOUR NEW WINTER LIFE. Mulled rosé. MULLED ROSÉ. I know. You guys. It is a thing and it is happening right at this moment and things are officially looking up for all of us. MULLED ROSÉ. Just let that sink in for a second. And the thing is, this is so easy! Most of […]

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Simple Rosé Sangria (FOR SOMEONE’S BIRTHDAY.) (mine.)

Simple Rosé Sangria / Bev Cooks

It’s my birthday! So I made you (me) (us?) rosé sangria. ROSÉ SANGRIA. But before I even begin this blab fest, you should know I hate fruit and wine together. Hate it! Which makes this entire p0st a walking contradiction on birthday clown stilts – but listen. I can explain. A while back, when my […]

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How to Host a Rosé Wine Tasting Party.

How to Host a Rosé Wine Tasting Party / Bev Cooks

You know I like rosé, right? I like rosé. The wine. I like it a lot. The rosé wines. So I hosted a blind tasting party! And by blind I mean, we were blindfolded. I didn’t jab my guest’s eyeballs out upon arrival. Contrary to popular belief, I’m not that kind of person. It was […]

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