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Monthly Mixtape: Tan Lines and Canned Wine

Patriotic Gremlins

O BEAUUUUUTIFUL FOR SPAAAACIOUS SKIES, FOR AMBER WAVES OF GRAAAAAI- oh. Guess what. GUESS. WHAT. Today marks two whole years of making you monthly mixtapes! TWO YEARS. Can you believe that? That means 24 playlists. Plus today’s mix which makes 25! (I’m good at math.) I’m going to keep this super short, because I know […]

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Monthly Mixtape: Sunscreen and Sandals

Monthly Mixtape: Sunscreen and Sandals

Oooooo this is a good mix. Like, good. Really really good. Gooder. Goodest. Goodiest. We’re still rockin’ the summer vibes, of course. Boomy, airy, fun. Some old classics that make you go, “Yes! This sawwwwng.” And then, some other brand-new-to-me music that I JUST learned about within the month, that I hope you fall for […]

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