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Valentine’s Day Gifties Just for Fun!

pink candles / bev cooks

Happy Sunday! I know it feels like we’re still recouping from the spending spree known as December. I get it. And you may loathe holidays like Valentine’s Day. Which is fine. You’re still a good person. But! If you’re of the human variety that needs a reason to feel to feel a little cozy with […]

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Friday Flotsam

kids and dirt and feet

FREEEFRAAAFROOOOFRUUUUUfriday. WHEN DID TACO BELL GET SO EXPENSIVE? (Why am I yelling.) No but, when did Taco Bell get on board with normal rip-off prices? I’ve always relied on the TB for the dirtiest, cheapiest tacos, and I mourn that that era is behind us. Get this, we spent nearly FIFTEEN DOLLARS at Taco Bell […]

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How I Use Beeswax Every Day (Four Recipes!)

How I Use Beeswax Everyday (Four Recipes!) / Bev Cooks

“Be my little baby bumble bee (Buzz around. Buzz around. Keep a-buzzin’ ’round.” (<–name that song) It’s heeeere! My mammoth post about beeswax is finally here. I can tell you’re all buzzing with excitement. (<–don’t hate) Alrighty! I’m so excited. Let’s start with supplies. I broke this down into four sections, ranging from easiest to […]

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