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16 Favoritest Things in 2016

Wicked Good Slippers - L.L. Bean

Happy 2017! I think I already said that the other day, but I’ll say it again. Happy 2017! That probably makes three times now. Whatever. “People stopped saying “whatever” five years ago.” “Whatever. I’m outie 5000.” <–name that show. Before we get too nestled into the new year, I wanted to go back and give you my […]

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What We’re Diggin’! (Winter 2016)

What We're Diggin' - Beeswax

We’re back! With another edition of What We’re Diggiiiiiiin’. (said like you know who) First of all, we have spring bulbs already poking out of the ground in our front yard. Is that bad? It’s EARLY FEBRUARY. This ain’t supposed to happen for another month. At least! Are we going to die? Second of all, […]

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