Monthly Mixtape: Thick Socks and Woolen Blankets

Hey heeeeeeey, new yeaaaar!

Happy 2023. We made it. I’m still waiting on my planner and a set of pretty pens to arrive, but I’ll pull through okay.

I’m easing back into a work rhythm after a semi-wild winter break. Between non-stop hosting and the snow and Covid (my dad, not me) and 15 thousand changes of plans, the kids have two days left at home and I’m doing everything I can not to pull every hair out. We’ll call it recentering. I’m recentering! And I’m getting a squiggly line on recentering.

This mixtape. It’s just good. No specific vibe, but I’d say it’s heavier on the indie side. Of course I had to give my homage to Modest House after the tragic passing of drummer Jeremiah. And another nod to Christine McVie because I’ll never get over that.

But listen, not all people on this playlist are dead. This is NOT tied to that dang TikTok thing. Ha!

So yes, ease in. We’re easing in. Some cheerful songs, some chill songs. Just like we like it.

Without another word, I give you, the “Thick Socks and Woolen Blankets” mix.

Let’s talk books on Thursday, shall we?!

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