Friday Flotsam

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFare you ever nervous how I’ll end this?


What do we think about Pajama Day at school?

Okay, as I pose this question, you must know – I don’t care one way or the other. The kids love it (for the most part), they think it’s funny (for the most part), and it makes the morning a little easier (for the most part).

Aaron hates it. And it is hilarious. Not only does he hate it, he thinks it’s super creepy. Which makes me laugh so hard anytime there’s Pajama Day at school, because I just anticipate the groans and the whys and the this-is-so-stupids and the it’s-just-awkwards from him. Secretly, I look forward to these days only to live out the hilarity of watching him squirm. It’s the best.

Thing is, before yesterday (because I panic Primed new fall pjs), all of Will and Nat’s pajamas were completely tattered. And I mean, ripped up, too small, holey, a grand mess. They don’t look cute and adorable like Little Orphan Annie. No, dude – they’re way past that stage and are now Little Shop of Horrors Skid Row Annie. And I’m not dissing the style here. Heck, I love the style! But not at school in front of other humans.

How do you handle Pajama Day at your house? Moaning and groaning, or straight outta bed and into backpacks with a skip in your step? I need to know this so I can tell Aaron you’re either Team Bev or Team Aaron.

Be gentle.

I have another question for you. And it’s more of a “how did this start and who invented it and why” than a “what is this” type of question.

What the h is Gotcha Day?

As in, you’re getting a pet, I guess? This week in Stories I posted that it was our 15-year Charlieversary (with our dog), and everyone said something about Gotcha Day. And I was like whatta what day? Is this a typo?

And THEN it reminded me that in my GirlSquad text thread, my friend Sarah was showing us pictures of her new puppy she’s getting in mid October, and my friend Laura asked when Gotcha Day would be. And I thought it was Autocorrect. Only, Sarah responded like it was a completely normal question. Which perplexed me even more. But I didn’t ask right in the moment because I was distracted with my bangs or something.

GOTCHA DAY? What is this, a game of pet tag? Gotcha? I don’t understand these words.

Look, I’m not an old Fuddy Duddy (you’re like, “I beg to differ”) but Gotcha Day is odd. Don’t ask me what it should be called (Adoption Day? Petiversary?), but it should be anything, ANYTHING besides Gotcha Day.

Also have you seen the Meg Ryan fall outfits on TikTok? Let’s just absorb that for that next five months okay?

That whole paragraph probably should have been under this photo, but we can get past it I’m sure.

OKAY – have you guys heard of this dude – hold on, let me look up his name.

One second, hold up.

John Allen! Er, Mr. Ballen. That’s it. He has a YouTube channel called Strange, Dark and Mysterious and he’s A D D I C T I V E. (not addicting) His story telling is captivating, thorough, intriguing, and will leave you shocked, covered in chills and equal parts paralyzed and slobbering over the play button for his next round of spook.

Aaron’s been watching him for a while, but he just introduced me to him recently since it’s October, and his specialty is crime and the unexplained. He’s an x-navy seal dad who wears nothing but plaid, always has a backwards black cap on, and has super long ex-snowboarder hair. Honestly, he looks like the kind of dad who really gets into Pajama Day at school.

You should totally watch him tonight if you feel like peeing your pants. Also lock the doors.

Okay one more question for you and I’ll let you go forever (because I have to watch more plaid/cap Ballen).

We’re hosting a (Covid-safe-masked-up) Halloweidner Haunted House Happy Hour for the neighborhood kids on Halloween (the happy for the parents, the haunted for the spawn). (Also, all Aaron and the kids’ idea, but I’m starting to lean in.) We’re going to have each room be a theme. So like, for Will’s, his will have the buckets where kids stick their hands into “eyeballs” and “brains.” (just seeing how many parentheses I can fit into this paragraph before getting punched in the face.)

WHAT SHOULD THESE BE, THOUGH? Grapes with olive oil for the eyeballs? Cooked pasta for brains? That’s not quite right. Help me nail down these specifics so I can take them back to my family and they’ll be impressed that I’m excited and helping.

I AM excited, though. I genuinely am! I’m going to be a classic witch (but like, the indie version with a pleated black skirt and a black Everlane turtleneck and ankle boots), with my own cauldron of canned wine. It’s only necessary.

What else should the kids stick their hands in? (not a sentence I willingly write everyday)

Also, in our bedroom we’re going to hang my Taylor Swift nightgown from last year from the ceiling and have a TV under it with Poltergeist static, and Aaron’s going to jump out with a leaf blower so the ghost moves toward the kids. Hahaha, we’re such cool parents!

…I think.

Weekend plans?

I seriously need to clean out my pantry. ALSO it’s going to be 92 degrees tomorrow (what the actual…) so I’m probably going to whip out my bathing suit by 11am and get super grouchy. How are we supposed Meg Ryan fall outfit ourselves in this complete BS??

From this week, in case you missed it! Your October mixtape. It’s so perfect. Please surrender your ears already. And also, a veeeery simple Quick Cook Risotto with Italian Sausage and Sun-Dried Tomatoes! The cheater’s version of risotto, and it’s FABULOUS.

Tell me what scary movie you’re watching tonight! For us it’s BLTs (for dinner), Nightbooks for the kids and Malignant for us. Seen either? Should I pee first? Lock the doors?


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11 Responses to Friday Flotsam

  1. Amanda October 8, 2021 at 9:29 am #
    For me, Gotcha Day should be reserved for those who have adopted animals and don’t know their birthdays. If you are getting a dog from someone (breeder) then you know their birthday and don’t need a Gotcha Day. We have three Gotcha Days in our household and they are very special days to us. Just my opinion.
    • Bev Weidner October 8, 2021 at 10:14 am #
      Oh for sure! I'm not dissing on the day at all. Just perplexed about it being called GOTCHA day. It's just funny to me. Glad you have three specials in your life! Happy weekend. :)
  2. Maria Fisher October 8, 2021 at 12:05 pm #
    Oooh. I wish I lived in your neighborhood for Halloween! Do olives for the eyes, dried apricots for ears, canned peaches for liver or heart and you also need something spider webby. Cotton candy? Hmmm. Also, I read somewhere that you should have one bigger box with a hole on one side that no one sees and you stand behind it and reach through when they put their hand in and grab their hand.....Or not. That could go horribly wrong. Yeah, better skip that one. But maybe do something stinky, too to add to the gross factor. Have fun!
  3. Becky October 8, 2021 at 12:40 pm #
    I dont enjoy pajama day. Kids must change out of their bed pj's into school pj's and then out of school pj's into bed pj's for bed. It's a whole thing and not my fave. Also I always heard gotcha day was in reference to the day you got the child you were adopting. All my friends that have adopted celebrate gotcha day. And it's usually the day they met their adopted child or brought them home. Ok that is all.
  4. Kristin October 8, 2021 at 3:40 pm #
    Team Aaron for sure. The kids are cute in their jammies, but glad it wasn't a thing when my kids were little. I'd never thought about Gotcha Day before, but yeah, isn't that what you say after you smack a mosquito on your arm? And for pets?? Seriously?? I guess I am old and crabby. Peeled grapes and cold spaghetti with some sort of sauce so it's extra slimy. We're making maple sugar cookies tomorrow, and I am not excited about the predicted temps.
  5. Kelli October 8, 2021 at 4:57 pm #
    This elementary teacher loathes pajama day. If I want to run any errands or have an appointment after school I have to bring normal clothes to change into. I really wish it would go away!
  6. Laura Lee October 8, 2021 at 6:57 pm #
    I refuse to do pajama days, we do not leave the house and shuffle through our day in pajamas. We are not those people and I cannot fathom how this nonsense ever became a thing. Also not a fan of "spirit week" with specific colors, disney characters or crazy hair days. No I'm not 80...why do you ask?? I have heard people who've adopted children refer to the day they bring them home as gotcha day but not so much for animals.?‍♀️
  7. another sue October 10, 2021 at 7:34 am #
    The eyeball thing sounds like an outdoor activity. I shudder to think about hands flying up out of olive oil and dripping all over a bedroom? But then cleaning is not my favorite, so what do I know. At any rate, do have fun!
  8. Susan October 10, 2021 at 5:40 pm #
    Oily grapes were eyes, cooked spaghetti was worms, raw hot dogs were severed fingers and we used canned peaches for livers when I was a kid. We also played records at a slower speed so it sounded all spooky and made a little neighbor kid repeatedly play the lowest note on our piano which was on a wall that backed up to our garage. My sister and I did these things without my parents and thought we were going to scare our friends. In the middle of a Saturday afternoon. In our garage. Yeah, no one was scared except us when our folks found the mess we'd left in the garage. Whoopsie.
  9. ALESA October 13, 2021 at 2:27 pm #
    I don't mind PJ day. Kids are only little once, and it is fun for them. Anything that gets a kid excited about a school day is good in my book. You have to change their clothes in the morning anyway, so it isn't a big deal to me to put them in a fresh pair of PJs. And, PJs are basically just leggings and a long sleeve t-shirt anyway.
  10. Christy K October 15, 2021 at 4:17 pm #
    When my kiddo was little any kind of day that got her going out the door faster was good with me. She always loved buying PJs for school, so not weird at all for kids - I always felt for the teachers though.

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