I’ve been posting mixtapes to this internet blog URL website for like FIVE YEARS now and have never delivered on the choral. How could I hold out on you like this?! You’re like, “because it’s choral.”

But listen. Something you might not know about me is that I was totally a choir nerd. (Isn’t it band geek and choir nerd? Or do I have that backwards?) It’s true though, all through junior high, high school and college. Me! A little choral gal. I sang soprano in high school and part of college, then moved to Fayetteville in ’97 and auditioned for Schola Cantorum at the UofA (got in, girl) but the choir director placed me in the alto section.

ALTO?? ME? Whatever. And then of course three minutes later I fell in love with the low chest notes and standing in with the tenors and basses and baritones and man, what a world. What a beautiful world to be surrounded by all that swarming warmth. Oh weird, warm is in the word swarming.

This isn’t just choir music, so don’t delete me from your life. I seriously challenge you to give this mixtape a chance. These choirs are nothing but spectacular. Ethereal, dreamy, harmonious perfection that will absolutely transcend you. I’m dead serious. The way these voices come together will stun you to complete stillness.

Fun fact: I sang a few of these songs in college! The first three on this mix are more dear to me than I can express with letters and words in a sentence. If I tried it wouuld sldksoiejss lllskleikse. this.

This is what I imagine for your life. Candles, quiet, picking up the house, who knows. Just whenever you need to slow down and quiet your brain. THIS IS THAT MIX. Also it’s my birthday month so you’re clearly obligated to make your lives about it. But I’m not being bossy or anything.

Without another syllable, I give you, the “Actual Angelic Hummingbirds and OH WOW Are you Even Kidding Me? mix.

Tell me your favorite choral piece! I KNOW there are some beauts not in this list that need to be. Spill it! I mean, sing it!