sunflowers and bird feeders

We finished Younger last night! (!!)

And by we I mean my bestie that binges all these shows with me. We always finish out each series together, with a bottle of rosé and a block of cheese, while watching the rest remotely. GET IT? REMOTE?

LIKE THE TV REMO- you did. Okay.

Also, by “finished” I mean Season 4. But being the troll that I am, I’ve been obsessively lurking around on their Instagram page slash Stories to watch all the updates on the current episodes. Obviously.

BUT WHAT A CLIFFHANGER! I won’t give away any specific spoilers, to those of you who’ve been trying to catch up to where I am.

But Ireland?! A wedding?! Pauline’s weird mouth?!

It’s weird, right? That mouth? It’s weird. I knew you would agree.

What I’m trying to say is, what should I watch next? Two that have been recommended to me are:

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and W1A.

Have you watched either of these? Yay or nay? Er, yea or neigh? Yes or no? Jeah or neah?

Don’t x out.

flowers and toes

I have a weird question for you.

I even asked Aaron last night, and his response shot out of his mouth so fast I thought our basement had erupted.

But I still want to ask you.

Because I can’t decide.

And it’s pivotal to my life and its direction.

And would affect the masses around me.

Not really.

Can you see me in a leather jacket?

Omg, I just felt the wave of your collective eye roll.

Not like a HARLEY VIBE, GUYS. But like, this? Or this? This? Is that cute? Or awful? Could I pull off that look? Or is that a colossal GIRLFRIEND, PLEASE.

Listen, I can take it.

I remember having a faux leather jacket yeaaaars ago when SJP had her little fashion line out called Bitten. Remember that? At Dave and Barry’s?! So weird, I know. But I totally remember digging a handful of her pieces. Including said faux charcoal leather jacket. It was cute! . . . In 2008.

And now I can’t decipher what this soul fairy rumble within truly means.

Maybe I just need a taco.

flowers and widow chimes

SO! A number of you have asked me to share what our garden looks like these days. And while I don’t have multiple photos of it (right NOW, I will soon), I’m totally happy to share what we’ve got gern ern.

Tons and tons of golden and red cherry tomatoes climb up a giant fallen tree limb that Aaron stabilized in the soil. (sorry for saying soil.)

Our zucchini plant was FIERCE, but something attacked it a week after we returned home from New England. May she rest in peace.

We’ve got one Thai pepper plant, and one jalapeno plant going (semi) nuts.


Our berry patch was hopping earlier in the spring. Blue and Rasp.

A tiny bit of kale popping up around the tomatoes. Hoping to have a bigger burst once the cooler temps arrive. Should I let the dream die?

And a ton of Giant Zinnias. That’s baaasically it. Our peas got snipped at the bottoms while we were away, so we cut down the dead.

How’s your garden? Do you garden? What are you growing?

Do your ears hang low? Do they wobble to and fro? Can you tie them in a knot? Can you tie them in a bow?

cherry tomatoes on a tree

. . . I think I might be Team Charles.

cactus and herbs

Weekend plans?

We’re headed out later today to see three hundred billion family members, scattered across Arkansas! Headed to the LAKE, then for a girl hang in Fayetteville, then onto Little Rock to see my family that I haven’t seen since Christmas. CHRISTMAS.

Speaking of, have you started shopping yet?

Just kidding!

You have, haven’t you.