Friday Flotsam

FLRRRRRRoopey. Er, Fridya. Friday.

The Rieger in KC

I’m not one who picks at zits.

Or scratches as scabs.

Or pops those awful sunburn liquid bubbles.

You’re like, “WTF HOW DID I GET HERE.”

But you know that flaky brown stuff, what is it – CRADLE CAP that’s on top of your kids’ heads? And it gets darker in the summer because burning?

I AM ADDICTED TO PICKING AT THAT. It’s like this weird force within my bones that HAS to. I HAVE TO. And once I get going, that force inside my body won’t let me stop. It gives me a strange sense of pleasure to pickpickpickpullpullpullscratchscratchscratch at their heads OMG.

I’m like a giant mama monkey just gettin’ all up in there.

I pick at it, pull the grody skull skin through their hair and then show them like they just won something.

And the thing is, I’m equally grossed out slash completely fascinated by it. While I desperately want to pick it all GONE because “EW, DAVID”, I want some left over, so I can continue to satisfy that deep, internal itch. And I’m getting kind of depressed because there’s a tiny patch left on Nat’s head, which I’ll get tonight in the bath, and two patches left on Will’s. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH MY LIFE AFTER THIS?

You can x out now.

colorful chairs on the street

I want to know more about green moisturizer!

You’re like, “I seriously don’t understand what’s happening right now.”

Tell me, does it REALLY cancel out rosacea?

There should be a rosé called rosécea! Maybe not.

Do you ever use green moisturizer? Or is it a load of media honky donk? Because while I can control most of mine (laser, concealer, etc.), I’m still curious about this so-called magical green goop. Do you only use it on the red patches? (And no I don’t pick at rosacea, DUDES. I’m not some disgusting psycho.) Or do you use it all over?

Tell me more!

IS IT EASY being green?


mules on tile

You guuuuuys, a week from yesterday we’re on the road to CONNECTICUUUUUUUT! Wait, did I spell that right?

Connecticut. Yep. Okay.

The mail is held, lawn care is booked, home care and plant care are booked, hotels are booked, meds are filled, car is serviced, busy bags are (mostly) filled, new shorts from Everlane are ordered, I MEAN WHAT ELSE IS THERE?

I even ordered this cooler from Amazon because a) it matches my new Birdling bags, natch, and b) I want to fill it up with deli meat and sliced cheese for lunches at rest areas and parks! I can’t eat fast food on road trips and not feel like a herculean a$$hole. And this way, Charlie and the grems can run around a bit while we picnic on the side of the road.

Just kidding, Mom! We’ve got more sense than that.

. . . We’ll eat on the access road.

(Tell me if I’m forgetting anything!) (More shorts?)

(More shorts.)

distillery at Tom's Town

So, I’m ALMOST done with Schitt’s Creek, and it has given me I cannot even tell you.


I want Alexis’ everything. Hair, face, legs, flat tummy, no jowls, tight arms, okay – YOUTH, that permanent not-so-innocent-yet-oblivious-smirk. Ugh.

Next on the list? EVIL GENIUS on Netflix. Have you seen it? It’s something Aaron and I can watch together and not want to stab something slash each other.

I’m sliding this one in before I dive into Handmaid season 2. Frankly because I’m scared and a huge sissy.

What are you watching right now? Give me the goods.

Bike in a park

Weekend plans?

Today is the kids’ LAST DAY OF PRESCHOOL waaaaah. So we’ll go to school with them and watch their spring performance which yew KNOW I’MON THROW THAT UP ON STAWRIES, Y’ALL. (<–sorry I get so intense sometimes.)

Tomorrow my fabulous sis-in-law is coming up for the holiday weekend, which means a Madewell run, lots of rosé, maybe another backyard movie, a fun dinner with friends Sunday night, and rosé.

Also, rosé.

Plus, the rosé.

And just like that, summer is here.


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10 Responses to Friday Flotsam

  1. Candace Shriver May 25, 2018 at 8:23 am #
    You're not alone at picking on things. It's like a compulsion you just can't stop! Also! I've had great success with the Dr. Jart Tiger grass cream. It neutralizes the redness on my face like no other and it smells nice, too! So excited for you about Nantucket!!
  2. Michelle Hedegard May 25, 2018 at 10:13 am #
    I just binged SAFE with Michael C. Hall on Netflix. Loved it.
  3. LINDA HOLLANDER May 25, 2018 at 10:23 am #
    Kill Eve. BBC America, so far all the back episodes are On Demand.
  4. Amy May 25, 2018 at 11:45 am #
    Evil Genius is, well, genius! You'll freak and quicly binge all of the episodes! Right now, I'm watching Younger (Hilary Duff - yaaass, girl), Riverdale (dark Archie comic remake - oh yeah!) and Southern Charm (Charleston reality drama - Oh, honey, YES please!) as my "girl shows". Hubs and I are watching Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why....I suggest AAAALLL of these!
  5. Susan May 25, 2018 at 12:23 pm #
    You have probably already thought of this but the mom in me just has to remind you. Be sure to take Charlie's proof of rabies vaccination, a dog tag with your cell #'s on it, poop bags, and, if he has one, a halter put this on him en route, in addition to his collar. One of our dogs freaked out on a road trip and pulled out of her collar, ran around like an idiot and I don't want your vacay ruined or your heart stopped like mine nearly was. I'm super envious of your trip and can't wait to hear details. Wait, are you taking a vacay from posting?!?! Please say no! Throw us a bone over here and post some lovely, beachy photos.
    • Bev Weidner May 26, 2018 at 7:39 am #
      Her vaccination papers - hadn't thought of that! THANK YOU. And I'll definitely be posting to the blog the entire time! xx.
  6. Kate May 25, 2018 at 3:10 pm #
    My dog, a fluffy black Belgian shepherd, starts shedding around this time. The loose floof (totally a word) is obvious because it's a little bit lighter than the other fur. If you pull at it, it comes out in chunks. It is SO satisfying to do, and if you're not careful, hours have gone by and you've created a second dog out of the floof because there is so damn much of it. I'm watching Evil Genius now. Very creepy. Watched the first episode of Handmaid's Tale season 2 and couldn't stand how dark it was, so I'm taking a break (...with Evil Genius, which is somehow not as dark? I don't know.). I've heard good things about Avène Antirougeurs FORT Relief Concentrate. I haven't tried it yet but I'm intrigued!
  7. Becky K. May 25, 2018 at 3:15 pm #
    My newborn had a bad case of cradle cap a couple weeks after he was born and I obsessively peeled it. I wanted that dead skin OFF. Not sure if it’s hormones or just a primal instinct, but you are not alone. I also bite his nails. I know it’s gross, but seeing blood when trimming microscopic nails sends me over the edge. As far as green color correcting products, I really like the green NYX primer. I don’t have super red skin, but I think it helps the slight redness that I do have. I’ve never tried a green moistened though.
  8. Becky K. May 25, 2018 at 3:17 pm #
    *moisturizer 😒
  9. Bryn May 25, 2018 at 8:58 pm #
    Pack a soccer ball for those access road stops. So easy and it wears them out. We drove to Connecticut last summer from Saint Louis and packed a cooler full of lunch jive too. Managed to do the whole trip without one fast food meal. Nobody needs to be trapped in a car after eating that ish!

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