Creamy Vegetable Pasta

Fridaaaaay! Time for something creamy.


Also, there’s frost on the ground. FA-ROST. I guess it makes sense, as it’s late October, but whoa-train.

Also, how gross that I just said whoa-train. It might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever vocalized (but probably not) and I officially recoil it now.

Oh! Name this movie: “ReeeeeCOIL, reeeeeeVERSE, reeeeeeeLEASE!”

I miss the ’90s.

pasta9  pasta

Also, have you been watching Parenthood? UGHHHH my heart. Being pregnaloolootrain (I’m sorry did she just say pregnaloolootrain?) doesn’t help the situation either. My eyeballs are like mini sprinkler systems just a waterin’ the living room every week. Even Kristina Braverman’s political headshots made me boo-hoo. It’s not cute, you guys.

Did I tell you that there’s a succulent velvety cream sauce that blankets all these dang vegetables and pasta? It has thyme and parmesan in it. And minced cherub wings.

pasta2  pasta3

This meal is simple. It’s weeknighty. It’s pretty healthy with all the green stuff in it. It’s comforting with all the creamy stuff in it. Also, there’s pasta in it. Winwinwinwiwniwnwin.

I don’t think I spelled win right.


Also, I’m going to try to make my own modern stuffed animals for the nursery this weekend. Me + needles? Hold me in your prayers.

Also, I’m going to try to stop saying also so much. I’ll let you know how it goes.


You should know there’s a cream sauce in this.

Creamy Vegetable Pasta:

What it took for 4:

* 2 Tbs. extra-virgin olive oil
* 1 small zucchini, cut into small chunks
* half a bunch of asparagus, ends trimmed and cut into 1-inch pieces
* 1 cup green beans, halved
* 3 to 4 cups chopped kale
* 3 cloves garlic, minced
* 2 Tbs. butter
* 2 Tbs. all-purpose flour
* 2 cups milk
* 1 tsp fresh thyme leaves
* 1/3 cup freshly grated parmesan cheese
* pinch of crushed red pepper
* 1/2 pound rotini pasta, cooked until al dente
* coarse salt and freshly ground pepper

Heat the olive oil in a large skillet over medium-high. Add the zucchini, asparagus and green beans. Season with a pinch of salt and pepper, thyme and crushed red pepper. Sauté for about 5 minutes, until soft and tender-ish. If that makes sense. You want to see a little color on the zucchini.

Add the garlic and kale, along with another small pinch of salt. Toss to wilt the kale.

Add the cooked pasta and toss toss toss.

In the meantime, melt the butter in a small saucepan. Add the flour and whisk until it becomes a golden brown color and the smell of flour is gone, just a few minutes. Stir in the milk and whisk until it becomes thick and creamy, about 5 minutes.

Off the heat, stir in the cheese and a pinch of salt and pepper.

Add the sauce to the pasta and vegetable mix and give her another seductive toss. Because that makes sense.

Divide and serve with some fresh parsley! And more parmesan. For the love.


Excuse my white balance issues. The babies kicked my elbow off the keyboard when I was editing  and it scared me.

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22 Responses to Creamy Vegetable Pasta

  1. Kathryn October 25, 2013 at 8:36 am #
    I'm so jealous of your frost - it's in the high 60s here and it's way too hot for this time of year when all I want to do is eat a big bowl of comfort pasta like this.
  2. Katie October 25, 2013 at 8:37 am #
    Father of the Bride! I think I'll cancel all my plans today and just watch that movie on repeat...while eating bowls of this pasta. A happy Friday, indeed.
  3. Tieghan October 25, 2013 at 8:39 am #
    Creamy, veggies pasta is so my thing. Looks awesome, Bev! Oh and Parenthood? I was wondering when you would start talking about that again. I have not started back up yet this season. Is it good? Do I need to get my but on the coach and catch up asap?
  4. Ashley @ Hudson on the Potomac October 25, 2013 at 8:42 am #
    It has gotten cold here too!! Boo!! Not ready for it! But I am ready for a bowl of this pasta!! Love the incorporation of summer veggies with a creamy sauce - perfect for fall!!
  5. Heather October 25, 2013 at 8:56 am #
    I'm with Katie - Father of the Bride (parts 1 & 2) were my favorite movies to watch when I was pregnant with Wes. I think Nate seriously thought about throwing away our TV...
  6. Erin L October 25, 2013 at 10:02 am #
    Steve Martin has forever been my much-older-man-crush (ReCOIL ReVERSE ReLEASE!!). (Can't stop listening to the Steve Martin/Edie Brickell album these days!!) This pasta salad looks scrumptious & super retro! You DO miss the 90's!
  7. Paula - bell'alimento October 25, 2013 at 10:03 am #
    This is a vision!
  8. Taylor @ FoodFaithFitness October 25, 2013 at 10:45 am #
    I had this whole no-cooking-tonight-'cause-it's-Friday thing planned in my brain. You totally just ruined that. But, I am not complaining one.little.bit.
  9. Mallory @ Total Noms October 25, 2013 at 12:31 pm #
    Wow! This looks delicious and creamy enough to tempt my veggie-hating husband. And Parenthood can make anyone lose it... pregnaloolootrain or not... :)
  10. Liz @ The Lemon Bowl October 25, 2013 at 7:38 pm #
    Cream. Pasta. Need. Now.
  11. Ali | Gimme Some Oven October 25, 2013 at 7:50 pm #
    So pretty! This sounds so comforting. :)
  12. Stephanie @ Eat. Drink. Love. October 25, 2013 at 8:03 pm #
    Father of the Bride, one of the best movies ever! Parenthood. Everyone seems miserable! This pasta? I need it. Now.
  13. Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar October 26, 2013 at 7:42 am #
    Mmm such a fabulous meal! Looks awesome!
  14. Heather October 26, 2013 at 1:26 pm #
    How much Kale is needed for this? I don't see it in the ingredient list.
    • Bev Weidner October 26, 2013 at 4:36 pm #
      Oh, oops! Thanks for the heads up. 3 to 4 cups is good! I'll update the recipe now.
      • Heather October 27, 2013 at 8:59 am #
        Great, thanks! Will be making this week.
  15. Heather B October 31, 2013 at 12:26 pm #
    Looks yummy! Did I miss it? Where do you add the thyme and crushed red pepper flakes?
    • Bev Weidner October 31, 2013 at 12:31 pm #
      Doh! Pregnancy brain. THANK you for the heads up. Just updated the recipe! But you throw it towards the beginning when you're sautéing the veggies.
  16. Nutmeg Nanny November 2, 2013 at 11:09 am #
    This looks so delicious, I could use a big dish right now :)
  17. Heather December 11, 2013 at 12:00 am #
    Here I am nearly two months late to the party, and loving the Father of the Bride quote. Favorite. Movie. Ever. I'm so old. The pasta looks good, too :)


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