Farm Fresh Eggs

A few days ago I visited a friend who has a newborn baby. As I hopped out of my car, I was walking up to her newly finished, grand back deck to discovered her, comfortably lounging in a hammock, under a pergola, with her baby.

Um, am I walking across a page in Southern Living magazine?

You see, she and her husband have a farm. And chickens. And bees. And a huge garden. And a perfect life BLAH BLAH.

I’m okay.

Lucky for me, as I was leaving she remembered, “OH! Take some eggs. These are brand new. Take em. Blog about em. Eat em.”

If you’ve not had farm fresh eggs, you are missing out of one of life’s sweetest treasures. They honestly do taste different. I felt like freaking Wonder Woman after one bite.

Seriously, I had to wear a high waisted belt for the rest of the day. No lie.


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