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Friday Flotsam

tree and leaves / bev cooks

Frrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeedeeeeleeeemeemmmeeemmemee. What kind of retinol do you use? Like at night. What brand? What percentage? What formula? What voodoo potion of yesterlore of the ancient tales of yonder? Is that the way you say it? I ask because I was in the middle of a little pumpkin enzyme facial yesterday, and the lady goes, “Honey […]

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Friday Flotsam

fall leaves / bev cooks

Frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrace day tomorrow!!! (!!!!!) . (!) I’m feeling ready. I’m feeing great. I have a teeny weeny two miles left to run today and it’s an official wrap on half marathon training. I cannot believe it. Remember when I started this back in June?! Bananas. The hardest part for me during this training was reaching […]

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Friday Flotsam

moody kitchen / bev cooks

Frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I need to get back into pies! Lit-rally hadn’t planned on typing those words until they just came out of my fangies. Tell me something, and this is going to sound so silly, but (and I could google this but you’re cuter) are chess pies (like the word CHESS) the word I’m looking for […]

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Friday Flotsam

flowers in the window / bev cooks

Frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrit! it! ay! yay! it! what! Do you change your skin care routine in the fall and winter? I just saw a New York Times article in my newsletter this morning about that very thing. I clicked on it but I haven’t read it yet. I just saw the words “pulled from the lipid barrier” […]

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Friday Flotsam

apples and feet / bev cooks

Frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreyeeeeeee! Natalie gave me her Christmas list three nights ago. HER CHRISTMAS WISH LIST. I was in bed reading. It was like, 9:15pm and I was this close to turning out my bedside lamp, and in walks Miss Prissy List all, “Okay here it is. And it’s numbered so it’s easier to read. And I […]

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Friday Flotsam

pretty window / bev cooks

Frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrree-dah. Who else has been completely hooked (swindled?) by the purple toothpaste ads all over Pinterest and Instagram? Have you seen those? Please tell me not to add to cart. Please. It has to be a lie. The ads are like, a girl putting the toothpaste on one yellowish tooth and letting it sit for […]

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Friday Flotsam

estate sale finds / bev cooks

Frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrwould-it-freak-you-if-I-just-typed-iday? Something happened this week that I need to share with you. I’m not proud of it. I’m not touting it by any means. But when it happened, my entire existence and the way I view the world went topsy turvy and I’m not sure how to recover from it. Maybe you can help me. […]

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Friday Flotsam

Friday thoughts / bev cooks

Frrrrrrrrr!r.r!.r.r!r. iday. We need to about talk ear pod bud phone thingies. I have thee nerdiest setup and I need your help. It’s because I have freakshow ear holes and nothing seems to fit! The earphones I currently wear have a cord. And they wrap around my ears. Bahahahahahah! Can you imagine? There I am, […]

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Friday Flotsam

flowers / bev cooks

Faaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeed! d! d! ay. I have a question for you, straight off the heels of finishing This is Where I Leave You. (liked the book, watching and predicting that I’ll LOVE the movie this weekend!) And let me just say right now that we will be kind to one another and myself in these comments. […]

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Friday Flotsam

flowers in yard / bev cooks

Frrrrrrrrrr ah! dah! Fla! tsa! amah! I have a lot to cover today, but I’m trying to figure out my approach. It has to be a bit strategic. Do I tell you about the mouse FIRST THING? Or do we discuss your favorite Taylor Swift lyric? Like your very very favorite. The one that stills […]

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