Friday Flotsam

Frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrit’s beginning to look a lot . . .like . . .

I do love December 1st. It’s officially the OFFICIAL time of Christmas officialness. (I’m good with words.)

There’s a different kind of magic in the air today, don’t you think?! The lights are twinkling in the streets, the elf is back (ugh), the daily chocolates from the advent calendars begin, snow flurries are in the afternoon forecast, we’ve officially narrowed down holiday movies we have left to watch (still so many!), and the bottom of the tree begins its gradual swell of wrapped gifts.


Do you wrap everything all at once, like on Christmas eve? Or do you just wrap when you can every few days?

I’m an every-few-dayser. I’ve got the vibe figured out for this year. It’s still has a natural bend, but a little more cluttery, which I’ve been feeling lately. Less minimal, more patterns on patterns. I was telling my friend Anna about it the other night at the KU basketball game and she just looked at me. I was like, “Pattern on pattern, ya know! Ribbons on twine. Gauze and silk. COLOR ON COLOR. But dark. Lots of deep and dark and moody.” She was like, “Right. Yeah. That’s great.”

Anyway I need a life.

Books and podcasts::::

I SWEAR I’m finishing Tom Lake today. I love it so much. I love Ann Patchett so dang much. This book is glorious, I just need to not be distracted by house and getting a car and kids and dog pee. (Also I’m getting Charlie a night diaper. And we’re immediately starting a goth band called Night Diaper.)

After Tom Lake I have two Christmas books, but nothing current or popular. The books are short so I’m hoping to get in one more that you suggest! The two I thrifted are Pride and Prejudice and Mistletoe, and also The Christmas Box. I’ve never even HEARD of it and a lot of you on IG were flipping out. Apparently it’s wonderful. I’ll report back.

Also I’m like 30 minutes away from the end of Bone Valley and I’m riveted. And also really pissed at the system. It’s CRAZY what this man is going through. You need to listen. It’s about a man in prison for murdering his wife. Only that there’s zero evidence. And there’s TOTAL evidence of this other bro killing her yet they don’t believe him. It’s enraging. Absolutely crazy.

What am I listening to after this?!

The Holiday vs. The Family Stone. Who would win in a fight?

Home Alone vs. Christmas Vacation. Who’s going down?

White Christmas vs. It’s a Wonderful Life. Which one do you want to cuddle more?

What’s on YOUR Christmas wish list? (aka I need inspo)

Weekend plans?

It’s a festive one over here. I’m shooting a holiday appetizer later this morning, a fun brewery night with friends, a soccer game tomorrow, a mom and daughter holiday party at a good friend’s house, and a sleepover to follow. Sunday? She’ll figure herself out. Oh we need to get our lights up! That’s Sunday. Or tomorrow. Or today?

From this week:::::: oh. Ha! Nothing. But I have a holiday gift guide from last week if you have yet to peep it!

You guys want a mixtape soon?

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  1. Lori December 1, 2023 at 6:58 pm #
    I just finished listening to Tom Lake. Meryl Steeep is the narrator. Beautiful!
  2. Nancy December 4, 2023 at 3:49 pm #
    I would love a Christmas mixtape :).

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