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Crazy Copy Cat Cheese Crust Pizza {Tablespoon Tuesdays}


Yessssssssss I’m a copy cat. Meow. But how could you NOT be, when the commercial shows an enormo pepperoni pizza, all glossy and majestic, with little individual CHEESE CUPS meant for your dainty, manicured fingers (I’m talking about yours, not mine) to pull away from the pizza, as the cheese strings tempt and taunt and […]

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Ravioli Skillet Lasagna {Tablespoon Tuesdays}


Sometimes when I’m cooking and the food is in the pan or skillet or pot or whatever and it looks so lovely, all simmering with merriment and mirth, and then I transfer the food to a bowl or plate to serve, and somehow it transforms from a thing of beauty and wonder to a pile […]

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Crock Pot Chicken Stock

chicken stock

I swear all I ever want to do is talk about Gone Girl. I’m 77% through it and I CANNOT DO anything else but read the blasted thang. Talk about a screen clicker. Get it? Instead of a page turner? Because I’m reading it on an e-reader? And I click the screen? Instead of turn […]

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Savory Stuffed Crescent Rolls


I think it’s safe to say that with Halloween behind us, we’ve officially entered “The Holiday Season.” Does this terrify anyone else to freaking death? Do you have evites and invites and ewvites (what?) coming out your face already? And you have NO IDEA what to contribute to these events? Hi. Welcome to my post. […]

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