Lights..! Camera..! Favorite mixtape ever..!

Monthly Mixtape: Name That Movie

(p.s. That’s an old school movie projector toy in Will’s hand. He wasn’t wanting to be my director, though, so- no milk for him!)

MOVIES. Favorite thing ever. They take us away to another place, another time, another era, another land. For roughly 90 minutes, we get to experience life through another’s eyes and hairstyle. Whether it be rugged and difficult, chic and glamorous, animated, filled with tunes, or even classic and silent, we live that journey (and hairstyle) with them.

But my favorite part about watching a movie? Besides the hairstyles? The muuuusic! (I bet you had no idea where that was going. I’m tricky like that.)

It’s the music in movies that transforms. Transports. Transcends. And all the other words that start with trans.

You guys, a movie soundtrack is among the most critical aspects of our well being. It’s what makes you go, “OMG REMEMBER THAT PART WHEN HE LEANED DOWN AND KISSED HERRRR.”

Or, “Ugh, this was that one part when they jumped in the jeep and drove away from that plaid elephant!”

Or, “Ohhhh right, that part when she slapped him and ran out of the building and into the arms of that singing Ninja!”

The music is everything. And I’m sure those things happened.

SO. I’ve made you a playlist with nothing but super awesome songs from super awesome movies. Some will be obvious, some might be a bit more obscure. But I made a rule for myself – nothing from a cartoon, and nothing from a musical. (you’re welcome) These are songs that will make you remember scenes, movie vibes, or specific moments. Some are emotional and will have your hand glued to your heart cavity, and some are just straight fun. I already can’t wait for you!

One more thing – and this is where it gets good, besides all the popcorn you’ll crave whilst listening to your new favorite mix – I challenge you to name all the movies. 20 songs, 20 movies. It’s a brand new year, don’t let me down.

Aaaaaaand action!

I give you . . . the “Name That Movie” mix.

This time last year.

(are you naming them yet? tell me you’re naming them!)

(I’ll chill.)