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Sneaker to the Peeker


Fall has arrived! We are now allowed to drag out sweaters, scarves and jean jackets. We are now allowed to consume copious amounts of soups, casseroles and pasta. We are now allowed to …. I don’t really have a 3rd one. That’s a little embarrassing. I received a free food sample in the mail today, […]

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Sneak Peek!


Don’t leave me alone on this. Give it all you GOT. Shine for the world! Let the people of the land know your infinite wisdom!! . . . or just take a guess. What’s on the menu tonight?

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Sneak Peek!


Earlier I complained about having some nasal congestion, sounding screechingly similar to Janis, from Friends. One whiff of this lovely mess and that problem all but disappeared. Poor Janis. I loved her. That probably explains a lot, doesn’t it? Any ideas?! The final post on this dish is a big surprise! It will be a […]

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