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Seriously Hot Thai Seafood Salad


I often forget about putting seafood in a salad. It usually finds its way swirled into a creamy pasta, or swimming in a spicy soup, or even tucked into crisp tortillas with fresh tomato and creamy avocado. But a salad? A SALAD? HOW DARE THEE DOTH MAKE A SEAFOOD SALAD THEE. Just kidding, a salad […]

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Mussels in Cream, Shallots and Herbs (oh my!)


Okay, I’m not asking you to karate-chop a lobster, but ya just gotta try mussels. Take a deep breath, do a set of jumping jacks and tell yourself you’re a strong, adventurous eater and you’re ready to take the next step in your culinary life. Plus the finished dish looks so dang impressive you’re mighty […]

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