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Monthly Mixtape: Sweep It Off and Get It Planted

Monthly Mixtape: Sweep it Off and Get it Planted

April! Time to open windows! Time to garden! Time for picnics! I can chill. Things are starting to blossom. The temperatures are spectacular. Patches of lime green are spreading through the yards. Daffodils are the boss right now, and tulips aren’t too far behind. It’s a magical transition. So let’s have a slight get-ya-going mixtape, […]

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Monthly Mixtape: Mood River and Moon Sliver

Monthly Mixtape: Mood River and Moon Sliver / Bev Cooks

June! And it’s like, chilly. I know it’s all about to dramatically change, but it’s the coldest start to summer! Ever! You, too? So weird, right? Right. I know. So weird. This mixtape! Look, it’s not exactly “summery.” I have summery mixtapes on my site, for sure. Like this one. Or this one. Ooooo this […]

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The “Chill It and Trip It” Mix

Roses / bev cooks

Good morning it’s May! It’s been May for five days. But I feel like you might have a needed a reminder. That it’s May. Ohhhhh you guys this mixtape. I’m so excited because it’s different than anything I’ve posted before, and I have a feeling it might just do the trick for you. It sort […]

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Monthly Mixtape: Are We Slidin’?

Monthly Mixtape: Are We Slidin'?

How was January five and a half months long just now? None the less, we’re cruising into February and I’ve got some tuuuuunes for ya! And it’s a THEME. You know how I like a good theme. My friend Trisha asked me a while back, “Are you ever going to create a country mixtape?” Well, […]

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