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Bev’s Imaginary Book Club: We Were Never Here, Last Summer at the Golden Hotel, and The Language of Flowers

Bev's Imaginary Book Club / Bev Cooks

(In da) book cluuuuuuub! Yes I say this every time, JUST LET ME HAVE THIS ONE THING. Alright, two things: Ignore my scratched glasses. It’s my own fault. These books! UGH. Raise your hand if you’ve heard of and/or read these three books. Higher, I can’t see them. Just kidding. Going back through my Goodreads […]

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Friday Flotsam

flowers / bev cooks

FRRRRRRRRRRRReh! Deh! Don’t we feel like Swift’s gonna release another Long Pond Studio Sesh Thingy on Disney + any day now? But with Evermore? I feel like it’s coming. Don’t you feel like it’s coming? It’s coming, I can feel it. Because she keeps releasing all these little EPs every few days, and I JUST […]

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Friday Flotsam

hoya / bev cooks

FAAAAAAAAAAAAAArudeelaadooday. What do we think about, “I love me some ____.”? Like when people say the words “love me some” in relation to things in this world and life. I find myself actually saying that phrase from time to time, and then I cringe and think, “I can’t be someone who says that phrase”. And […]

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Bev’s Imaginary Book Club: A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty, The One, and The Nightingale

Bev's Imaginary Book Club / Bev Cooks

BEWKS, Y’ALL. (<–I’ve already made you insane.) Welcome to another official book club blog post! It’s been a minute. Things look a little, um, different since my last book post. Well, I figured that instead of food, this might be a nice distraction amidst such a jittery time. Unless you’re reading The Nightingale then it’s […]

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