Is there any better way to start this day than with those lyrics? No. No there is not.

Monthly Mixtape: '90s Hip Hop, Yo / Bev Cooks

At last! The ’90s Hip Hop mix I’ve been promising you for ohhhh how long? Okay, less than a month. But it’s here! And it’s gooooood.

It might surprise you that I’m into this kind of music. You know when you ask someone what kind of music they like, and they respond with, “I like ALL kinds of music, except country and rap.” A) you can’t trust a person who answers like that. It makes zero sense, and they’re confused on what they actually mean. (yes I’m snobbily opinionated about this, how did you know.)

B) Hip Hop is completely different than rap, so don’t snub this playlist before hearing me out! (I’m getting uncomfortably close to your face right now.)

Hip Hop (espeeeecially in the ’90s) was such a fresh, brilliant movement in music. Washy drums, heavy grooves, more orchestral and jazzy than what you imagine rap to be. Rap is harsher, more in your face. Hip hop is vibe. Way more chill, vocally and productionally. (<–it’s a word.)

Is hip hop political? For sure. Language not suitable for toddler time? Of course. But the music is like nothing else. The flow of these beats and rhythms is transportable. When these songs are on, it changes the whole atmosphere of the room. You end up closing your eyes, bobbing your head and smiling. If you don’t, something is way wrong.

On top of that, I chose songs that weren’t on the radio 37 hours a day. (minus the first three songs – those were. but see, I’m starting you off with familiar territory to get your toes and ears wet.) The bulk of the mix are songs that will (should?) be fresh, jazzy atmospheric songs that put you in the best mood ever. I mean, of course if you loved hip hop back then, you’ll already be well aware of these tunes.

If not, you best get excited.

I give you . . . the “’90s Hip Hop, Yo” mix. (again, this is mix is rated PG-13. You’ve been warned.)

This time last year.

Two years ago.