Monthly Mixtape: Okay, I Love Those Drums

September! We’ve reached the ’embers! I say this every year and I have zero intention of ever quitting.

This mixtape: it’s all about the drums. But don’t get worried, it’s not like, Rush drums or anything. No giant, chaotic fills. It’s the wash of drums. The feel of the beat that carries the song. Some songs are guitar focused (not in this mix). Some are folksy/lyrically oriented (also not in this mix). But these songs, to me, have that drum groove in the background that transports you. You in? Shall I go on?

Okay, I’ll go on.

So some are indie rock, through and through. And some are straight jazz because we all know the drums are vital in jazz. Listen, Carrie Bradshaw’s short-lived jazz-loving boyfriend Ray wasn’t wrong, even though we all collectively hated him.

This mix is going to be so perfect for your Labor Day, I can tell you that. It’s feel-good music, nothing too drab, not too down, all a bit cheerful but chill. You know I do.

Without another word, I give you . . . the “Okay, I Love Those Drums” mix.

See you bright and early tomorrow morning with Flotsam! (this is pretty much your warning)


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  1. Kristy September 5, 2022 at 12:36 am #
    I LOVE Neil Peart's drumming style! He did some amazingly atmospheric drum solos in concert too. And his lyrics are magical. Such an amazing storyteller. I think your playlist could have withstood a teeny tiny Rush song, ever heard the song Vapor Trails? The drumming in that song just does it for me. I'm currently obsessed with Rush 20 years too late and can't get enough!

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