Monthly Mixtape: Apple Trees and Autumn Tease


What I thought was going to be a hellacious month from the infected blisters of Satan’s armpit is actually looking to be more pleasant. Woo hoo! The weather keeps shifting. Dipping. Chances of rain are now popping up. My mood is improving by the hour, you guys. So let’s have a mixtape that accompanies that lil’ movement in the season, shall we?

Yes, it’s jazz. This is another one of my mixes that you’ll just breezily throw on in the background while you’re hosting a back deck happy hour. Or picking up the house with incense burning. Or rearranging your patio pillows for the fall. Or folding laundry. Anything works. It’s moody, relaxed, soothing at times and upbeat at times. You know how I do.

Without another word, I give you September’s tunes, The “Apple Trees and Autumn Tease” Mix. (yes I fixed the typo on Spotify, ugh.)

Give me something to listen to this month! I DARE ya.

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