Friday Flotsam

FRAPPLES AND FRANANAS. Sorry sorry – Friday.

backyard tinkerbell lilacs

Just finished Season 1 of LOVE. (!)

It’s so fun. So cute. So WEIRD and AWKWARD. So you know, nothing like me.

I want to say I’m just like hot Mickey, minus all the drugs, booze, cigarettes and that overall deep-sadness-in-her-soul thing. But I truly relate to Gus more. (shocker, I know!) Like in his voice, the way he’s always saying totally normal slash nerdy things, but with this wanna-be slowed down swagger, with his fingers all wave-y in the air? I FEEL YOU, GUS.

And then the making up of bad (sorry, not bad!) songs to movies with no songs in the end credits – THAT IS MY SOUL.

Anyway, I hear that season 2 isn’t nearly as good. Is that true?!

And I can’t decide if I want them to end up together. My gut says naaaaaaw.

Oh – have you watched 13 Reasons Why? I was super excited to watch it, but after reading the premise, I thought, “Oh. Ew. No. Ick. Wow. Ouch. Sad. Ugh.”

And then I was like, “Wait. Cool. Inspiring. Thought provoking. Deep. Interesting. Yes!”

And then I was like, “Hold on. No. Depressing. Tears for days. Too deep. Too much. Will eat ice cream. Can’t. No.”

And then I was like, “Okay maybe.”

I’m so glad we had this talk.

Gremlins in a sandbox

Do you ever get those random inflamed taste buds?

(wait, are the words “inflamed, taste and buds” too much back to back this early in the morning? good.)

But really, you’re living your day and all of a sudden there’s a GIGANTIC SORE BEACH BALL on your tongue and you can’t scrape it off with your front teeth. And then you realize, “That’s just a taste bud. Why is it acting so rude right now? What did I ever do to it?!”

You don’t remember burning it.

You don’t remember biting it.

And it’s so sosososososo tiny in the mirror. A teesny white baby dot of a bud. Yet in your mind it feels like an episode of Ren and Stimpy. All close up, zoomed in, thing has hairs on it and fangs of its own, starting a colony of angry inflamed taste buds.

I had one yesterday. But it’s gone today. The end.

You just x’d out, didn’t you.

Whiskey Sours with Emily Farris

So yesterday afternoon was a total gas. (Not to be confused with “yesterday afternoon I had gas.”)

For YEARS I’ve heard about this super hip local-but-not-local food writer gal that’s soooo cool and soooo famous and sooooo funny, and I was always like I CAN TAKE HER. Well, after a recent slew of snarky emails, we finally met! And by that I mean she offered to come to my house and make me a cocktail. And I was like, “Dude I don’t drink cocktails. Unless it has a good foamy egg white on top. I like a good foamy egg white.”

I basically feel like you need to know about her and this cocktail and her life and this cocktail and this cocktail. Her name is Emily Farris (you’re like, I know her! YES YES I KNOW YOU DO, WHATEVER.) and she’s writes f o r e v e r y o n e. Food 52, Bon App├ętit, Food and Wine, ALL OF IT. She’s experienced, a hilarious mom, has a raging potty mouth, is super stylish, and so down to earth. I love her. And I want more of her cocktails.

Actually, she recently launched her brand new site, That’s Festive AF (I mentioned the potty mouth, right?), which is all about crafting and cocktails. But not together. Wait, yes. Together. Definitely together.

Anyway, our whole scandalous afternoon is in my IG Stories, if you’re into watching two ladies drink.

And oh yes – the cocktail. It’s a Whiskey Sour with Rhubarb Syrup. GIT IN THAT.

I’ve said cocktails so much I don’t even know what it is anymore.

Gremlins at Loose Park

(I’m thinking an Ally McBeal binge is in my future. You in?)

Lunch at El Patron (KC)

Weekend plans?

Besides wishing I’d never brought up angry inflamed taste buds?

Our weekend is pretty domestic. More planters to fill. The garden to bulk up. The yards to manicure. THE LINENS TO LAUNDER.

Why do people say launder? I kind of hate that word. It’s not attractive at all. Sounds like slander. Or flounder. Yonder. Swander.

I miss Gilmore Girls.

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13 Responses to Friday Flotsam

  1. Bee April 21, 2017 at 9:00 am #
    i haven't watched 13 Reasons Why but I DID read the book a couple of years ago and I'm convinced it should be made required reading for kids in middle school/high school. Makes you think a lot about how we treat others and the consequences of our actions...Kind of dying over the fact that I only have basic cable.
  2. Chloe April 21, 2017 at 10:57 am #
    13 Reasons Why is so intriguing ... I don't think anyone can resist and watch the season in more than one week! But still ... it is depressing. But it makes you think, which may have a positive influence on some people who might need it ! You might need a little Gilmore Girls after watching it (and ice cream).
  3. Gwen April 21, 2017 at 11:22 am #
    I had never even heard of 13 Reasons Why until this article came across my newsfeed this morning. I would need to read more before forming an opinion but it's always good to look at both sides.
  4. Jordan April 21, 2017 at 11:39 am #
    I thought 13 Reasons Why was a strong, real and brave portrayal of what I think many of us remember high school feeling like. Gah! It is graphic, uncomfortable and very hard to watch. But I would be very interested to get your take on it - when or if you are ready to watch it. I saw the whole season about a week ago but I'm thinking about watching it again. It really makes you think.
  5. Taylor April 21, 2017 at 12:31 pm #
    I'm also considering watching 13 reasons why but I can't decide if it would be too depressing or too much like a typical high school show. As for Love I REALLY didn't like the first season so I'm not planning to watch the second season.
  6. Nicole April 21, 2017 at 2:49 pm #
    I'm on the last 3 episodes of the first round of Gilmore girls. I never want it to end!!! I want to be in Stars Hollow forever. The only thing pushing me forward is the newest season and to also finish the last chapter of Lauren's book... Talking as fast as I can... spoiler alert in the last chapter. No show can compare to this one.
  7. Emily April 21, 2017 at 2:53 pm #
    I really liked Love. I'm a big Paul Rust fan, he is so likable! And I have a huge friend crush on Bertie! I liked season 2, but I thought season 1 was such a perfect, complete story that it was hard to get on board. The entire time I kept thinking, 'I wish I didn't know about this part of their relationship!'. But it finished pretty open ended, so hopefully season 3 will redeem the story. As for 13 Reasons, I had to turn it off 10 minutes in. The girl called the guy "an actual nerd" after he said something about Han Solo. He said Han Solo was in space, he didn't go through the Solo family lineage or something. General knowledge does not make a nerd! I'm not even sure it makes him a fan! He said the bare minimum about a thing and now he is a nerd for it? This ish drives me BONKERS. I pump my own gas, am I a gearhead?! Sorry, sorry. I'll settle down now. Too much caffeine. Anyway, I don't like to miss out on stuff, so after an appropriate amount of time and liquor, I'll buck up and see why the girl died. <--- GRIM, sorry. Emotions are high over that nerd ish.
  8. Marcy Vander Ploeg April 21, 2017 at 4:38 pm #
    You are just sooooooo hysterical!! ???
  9. Shari April 21, 2017 at 4:39 pm #
    Are you sure it's not just a canker sore?
  10. Jenn April 21, 2017 at 9:34 pm #
    The inflamed taste buds are the WORST!!!! It sounds weird but I've thought maybe t just needs to be popped but I've never had the courage to try... random I know 13 reasons why is dark and depressing but I'm not sure it's sob fest depressing. It's also prett graphic. I enjoyed it because of the mystery but it was something I felt like I was required to watch. Excuse everyone was talking about it constantly. Give it a whirl... I'm curious to hear your thoughts on it!
  11. Caitlin April 24, 2017 at 10:21 am #
    I'm watching 13 Reasons Why right now and Love is next up for me! 13 Reasons is def a sad/twisted premise, but it's really good in like a high school drama sort of way. It's no Gilmore, but it's good! P.S. Your insta-stories are endless entertainment for me!
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