Friday Flotsam

FRIDAY. (!!!!!) (!!!!!) (!!!!!!) !!!!! !!!!!! (!!!!!) (<—-i’m sorry, what?)

Friday Flotsam / Bev Cooks

Can you guess which hand is mine? We don’t have to play this game if it makes you uncomfortable. We can move on.

I will say though! We had book club this week at my friend’s brand spankin’ new swanky downtown apartment, and we discussed The Girl on the Train. Like, with actual questions from some website! HA. But thanks to YOU GUYS, I had already read it and was able to pop right in with input. Even if my input was, “Everyone was psycho. Will you refill my wine?” I hadn’t book clubbed in over a DECADE, so it was refreshing to actually pause with a gaggle of gals and reflect on the written word for a bit. Well, that and dunk our bodies in sangria.

We’re reading Luckiest Girl Alive right now. I’m digging it! Still only on chapter two, but I have a feeling it’s about to unravel at any moment. I’m hosting the next club and of course I’m already brainstorming on what to ser—I INTERRUPT this message real quick because dude, there’s a POSSUM in my back yard! Just cruising along the brick border of the yard! I thought they were nocturnal? Why is homefresh out in the day light right now? I wonder if he’ll be all glittery like Edward Cullen. I’d try and get a closer look, but I’m mildly terrified of nature, so.

Wait, is it possum or opossum? I’m definitely that person that pronounces the O, like a jerk.

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah, book club was fun. The end.

Friday Flotsam / Bev Cooks

My newest article on What to Expect is up! This time we’re talking all about the art of  paci weaning. And how incredibly horrible I am at it. I started weaning a while back, but I completely suck. MOST of the time they’re fine without out. Outside the crib, that is. But man, when the tough part of the day sets in, right around 4pm, that empty time where it’s not yet time to eat, Dad should be home within a couple of hours, we’re bored, it’s hot, we’ve crapped our pants again, we’re kind of snacky, blah BLAH – I give in. I cave like a puny bat. I need to be better about it, but oh well. I don’t feel like giving them a paci once in a while will turn them into murderers.

Plunging them into ice cold splash zones might, though. We’ll see.

Friday Flotsam / Bev Cooks

So this is amazing. If you’ve not yet heard of Hey Mama, you have GOT TO GO LOOK. Run by two sickly hip moms out of NYC, it’s basically a stylish Linked In for moms. Its whole mission is for moms all over the world to connect and work together. Which I love! Connection and community is everything. Especially in Motherhood. We all need to know we’re not broken. That our kid’s not broken. So I couldn’t ever adore this movement enough.

It’s relatively new, but I’m super excited to announce that I’m going to be a contributor! Just simple doo dad recipes and what nots here and there. My first feature went live this week, and it’s a SALAD, so you should go peep it! I don’t know why I all caps’d the word salad. I get excited about things.

Friday Flotsam / Bev Cooks

So proud of Natalie and her new bartending job! Look at her, giving Aaron’s change back. She’s actually handing him gravel, but we’ll count it.

UM, also, I’ve been religiously doing a mix of the Tracy Anderson arm videos and the Mary Helen Bowers videos. THEY ARE CRAZY. Especially Mary Helen. You wouldn’t think you’d want to punch someone in the face who looks like a baby deer. But you do. I did one the other day that was basically the swan move over and over for 20 hours. I wanted to throw my computer into swan lake by the end. But I’m starting to see some change! I mean, my friend is starting to see some change. SHE is. Not me. I don’t need the videos. She does. Bad.

Friday Flotsam / Bev Cooks

Weekend plans?! I’m putting the finishing touches on a BRAND.NEW.EXCITING.FEATURE. starting next week! I am so, so, so excited about it. I hope you love it. I don’t want to give anything away, but it rhymes with sloopik mraymizt.

We got a new roof this week! It’s black, slick and should last like, a billion years. Everything went mostly fine, until I started giving the crew a pep cheer by dancing in the yard and chanting, “Raise that roof! Raaaaaise that roof!”

I need therapy.


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2 Responses to Friday Flotsam

  1. Leslie June 26, 2015 at 9:44 am #
    you are so freaking funny...thank you
  2. Susan S June 26, 2015 at 1:22 pm #
    My sister actually gets credit for coming up with this way to break with the pacifier and it worked for 2 of our kids. First, you hide all but one paci. We started by leaving it in the bed in the morning and after nap. No paci while vertical. Then after that is accepted as the new norm, you cut the tiniest bit off the of the tip of the paci. Only take a dinky bit off! After they've had it a day or so like that, you snip off a little more. We kept that up, shipping a bit every other day until there wasn't even enough for their mouths to hold onto, but they still wanted to hold it in their hand at night or nap time. We told them that binky was getting old and they were getting bigger. Eventually, they lost interest in it and it 'disappeared'. Obviously, this won't work if your child has seen pacifiers in a store or has seen you actually buy one. We used praise and positive reinforcement and when the whole process was complete, we told them that because they were so 'big' that they got to do a big kid thing (whatever your child would consider special). Okay, now someone needs to come up with a good plan to break thumb sucking. I have no clue.

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