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Mayo-Chicken and Blistered Scallion Tacos

Mayo-Chicken and Blistered Scallion Tacos / Bev Cooks

And by mayo I mean NNAISE. So buckle up. Have you ever blistered your scallions? I know we blister our soul often, but hardly ever our scallions. We need to blister our scallions more often. Let’s blister our scallions today. And you’re hung at mayo-chicken, I get it. We’re marinating our chicken in mayonnaise and […]

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Friday Flotsam

lamp post / bev cooks

FRRRRRRRRRRRR97856453421! Are you a puzzle person? Not to be confused with puzzled person. But a puzzle person. One who loves and adores and obsesses and maniacally works puzzles with unbridled pleasure. I’ve come to discover in my life that there are two camps of people in this world. Well, two camps, plus a sub camp […]

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