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Christmas Tree Focaccia

Christmas Tree Focaccia / Bev Cooks

You HAD to see this coming. I can’t seem to stop with bread art. I have no intentions of ever stopping with bread art. It find it soothing, therapeutic, relaxing and inspiring. CARB ART. How can anyone be against this? And you don’t have to make a tree. But I made a tree with randoms […]

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Focaccia Bread Art

Focaccia Bread Art / Bev Cooks

Bread. Art. You guys!!! If there is something more cut out for my life, I’m willing to hear it. But I’m not sure there is. I am dying over this. DYING. And it’s like, not even that great. Of course I’ve seen these garden art designs on Pinterest for a while, and have been obsessed […]

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