Monthly Mixtape: Sweaty Swiftie Armpitty

Look, it’s probably Armpity, but that looks odd too so we’re just going with it.

Also, this photo would for sure fall into the category of “keepin’ it real.” This is 100% my treadmill running view. Hahahahaha! I normally have a box fan hanging in front of me but it fused out the other day so here we are.

This running playlist! I’m going to need you to hear me out on it. It’s mostly her newer material, Folklore to Midnights. Which might have you scratching your head, and I get that. But listen, once you actively run to this, you’ll change your mind. (I do include one older hit simply for the beat, so maybe you’ll end up forgiving me.)

It’s ten songs in total, right at 37 minutes. DON’T SHUFFLE THIS, because it’s in a certain order on purpose. Ya gotta trust the system. The system being my brain. (why are you looking at me like that?)

Everyone runs at a different pace, but for me, this is right around 4 miles, including the cooldown. The cooldown is the entire last song, so if you want to keep running during that last song, you’ll kill it so good.

For the first song, the 1 – start at a 5. By the end of it be at a 5.5. Then from there on, bump it up .1 at every chorus. By the time you reach the end of Bejeweled, you’ll be around a 7.5. If you need to dial it back, absolutely fine! Some mornings are harder than others. Then once you start You Need to Calm Down, bring it back to a 6 and work your way up again. Slowly if you want, quicker if you’re feeling it. Once you get to the end of Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve, you may be back up around 7.5. Maybe not! Keep it slower if you need. This is truly about endurance, not sprinting.

And for the very last song it’s time to go, just walk it out. Go down to a 5, and then with each change bring it back .5. By the time it’s over you’re walking and cooling down nicely. It feels SO GOOD about now.

Okay, let me know if you run to this on the dreadmill, or even outside! Just curate it to your pace and enjoy the ride.

Without another word, I give you, my “Sweaty Swiftie Armpitty” mix.

Dyiiiiiiing to hear you like it. Ya best let me know!

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