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Friday Flotsam

kids and a horse / bev cooks

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFr eeeee delelelelele! It’s Will and Natalie’s birthday! NINE. NIIIIINE. How this happened is beyond me. Besides the whole time continuum thing. It’s so surreal. To see their faces and bodies start to change every so slightly. Taller. Lankier. The bigger teeth filling the awkward gaps in their mouths. Less cheek. More jaw definition. More […]

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Friday Flotsam

spring flowers / bev cooks

Frrrrrrrrroodoo. WEEK TWO. We’ve been home for two weeks. (sans two grocery store runs dressed in hazmat suits.) And you know, I think I’m starting to adjust. Everywhere I look lately I read the words “new normal” – and that’s just it. It’s a new normal, and in that there’s this odd sense of peace […]

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Friday Flotsam

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

FA LA LA LA LAAAAA LA LA LA RIDAY. How do you keep your eyebrows from looking like you didn’t just escape prison? You guys, mine are such a trainwreck. I’ve always had a good shape to my eyebrows, but they’ve never been easy to work with as far as staying in place. You heard […]

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