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Friday Flotsam

happy hour / bev cooks

Faaaaaarrrrrraaaaaaaarrrdaaaaaaaar. Lavender Haze. (I warned you this would be the first thing we talked about. Don’t x out.) Also today’s Flotsam is p u r e unadulterated pop culture, nostalgia and makeup, so don’t expect the earth’s gravitational pull this morning. Or perhaps expect it more. Did you watch? Watch the video. Go watch it. […]

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Friday Flotsam

Hatch Collection

FRA LA LA LA LAAAAAA DAY DA Y DAY DAY. Okay, remember how obsessed I got with my mini horse pube broom eyebrows a while back? You’re like, “no but thanks for that lovely image.” WELL, I ended up going to Ulta (wait, Ultra? Ulta. Ulba? Ulla? Uvula?) and had an eyebrow specialist go bonkers […]

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