1) Look what came in the mail today!

The first thing I did with them was to pretend that I was graduating college, and I threw the entire box up in the air, as if they were graduation caps, and I watched them flutter down and scatter all over the living room.

Then I made Aaron pick them all up.

2) This morning Aaron and I decided to go for a long run in hopes to beat the rain.

. . . The rain beat us.

And when I say, “beat us” I mean, “beat us UP.”

Here’s Charlie, cold, wet and weary after the torturous exercise we put her through. Poor little baby.

3) My husband’s team has been working excruciating hours, days, and weeks on a video series for Gatorade, called Inside Endurance. Episode 1 went live yesterday, so if you’re any sort of athlete looking for some inspiration, clicky clicky. I’m beyond proud of them all.

And yes ladies, that’s Ryan Sutter from the Bachelorette. (swoon.)

** p.s. HUGE thanks to Mockingbird Creative for my biz cards. You rule my face. **