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Simple Squid Piccata

Simple Squid Piccata

If I break out in “UNDA DA SEA,” are you going to punch me? Look at those tentacles! I’ve never had tentacles on my plate before. I like tentacles on my plate. Don’t tell Ariel I said that. This dish is something ELSE, y’all. I know it might seem a smidge unapproachable, but a) you […]

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Beer-Battered Fried Calamari Pizza


Babies and pizza! Not to be confused with babies IN pizza. Or babies ON pizza. Or baby pizza. Jess, I’ve been waiting months (years, CENTURIES . . . MILLENNIUMS) to tell you something of utmost vital importance. This is your virtual baby showeeeerrrr! (said like Oprah) Ashley and I came together and rounded up 9257345234 […]

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