I do this every year.

But I mean it every year. September is next week and it’s officially blazer hunting season!

Which is entirely differently from blazer season. I’m talking about the hunt. Just the hunt for one. Because I’ll never find one exactly right. Never. I’m not destined for it. I’ve come to accept it. But it doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to obsessively hunt for a blazer.

See, I need something with zero shoulder pads. And don’t tell me that they no longer have shoulder pads because they do. They might be lo-fi micro doodads, but they’re there. I can’t have that. I need a more drapey look. I’m getting a red squiggle. Drapy. No. Drapey. Draped. Whatever.

And it can’t be too too tailored in at the waist. An elfin dart is fine, but this cannot look like Express from 2005.

It also can’t hit right at the hips because see above.

I need a more masculine look. Slightly angular. A hair into boxy territory.

A classic Harvardy pattern wouldn’t kill me, either.

Never mind.


This came up in my GirlSquad text the other day, and I can’t stop thinking about it, so I’m bringing it to you. It’s the whole current notion of asking for money when you need help. Like, Go Fund Me or a random Venmo address on the back of a car. I think they can be appropriate (Like when a friend sets up a Go Fund Me for someone in need, totally! Totally.) – but my bestie Laura was behind a car last week, and saw this written on the back window, “Just eloped! Traveling across the country. Help us out!” And then their Venmo address.

First of all, they made a crucial error in not including their IG handle. If people are going to donate, wouldn’t they want something in return? Like to see where their money went? Case in point – House in Habit. Her followers fund her trips to these dramatic courtroom sessions and we all watch with bugged-out-eyeballs on the edge of our seats.

My poll is, does that bother you? Is it crossing the line? Or should asking for money strictly be reserved for people in need? Or do you think it’s sort of fun donating to whippersnappers jaunting across the USA?

Tell me. Where do you stand? Hellz naw, brah or hellz yaw, brah? (<–sorry)

Have you ever superglued a hang nail?

Like, a really bad hang nail that’s heartbreaking to discover? I did earlier this week. I superglued my thumbnail because I’ve worked so hard to get it to Barbra Streisand status, and the hang part is way down in the quick part and I could cry. . . part. So I superglued it. And it worked! Until I had to do dishes. So I’m about to superglue it again and again if it’s the last thing I do.

I’m going to post some bread links this weekend for you! Like, the book, the couche, the lame, the storage bags.

I suppose I just linked them for you now. Never mind.

Oh, question. Is 00 flour only for pizza? Or can you use it for other bread? Is it worth it? Do I need it yesterday?

Weekend plans?

I’m having a ZEN DAY TODAY and no one can stop me. Which just means a long walk, an estate sale nearby, and some detailed cleaning in a few areas around the house. Riveting, I know.

From this week, it’s just one post, so simmer down. My Summer Side Dish Series round up! All the recipes and reels, in one spot. Hope that’s helpful!

Off to find a blazer! . . . in 2087.