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Friday Flotsam

ginkgo tree

FRRRRRRRRRRRRR! You’re like, “She didn’t even finish that non word.” Guys lately I can’t tell the difference between mosquitoes and eye floaters. And I look insane in public. You know what I mean, those little eye floater thingies? It’s that tiny traveling speck of fuzz that you THINK you see and you try to focus […]

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Friday Flotsam

backyard fence

F          ursday. I mean!… F           onday. I mean!….F      aturday. I mean!…..FRIDAY. You guys I just took a sip of coffee and then right after a sip of beet juice and MY TONGUE IS LIVID WITH ME. Why would I do that? One can have their coffee and have their beet juice, but not side by […]

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