Okay this is the very last time I’ll do this but – yay, KU!! I had them going the ENTIRE WAY on my bracket and I feel like I’ve won an award. Do I get something? Money? A plaque? A sticker? Never mind.

Your April mixtape! It’s divine. It’s upbeat without being obnoxious. It’s relaxed and dreamy without being a snooze fest. A little old, a little new, a little nostalgia, a little current, a little indie, a little pop, a little piano, a little mood. It’s all there. And I say this all the time, AH KNOW, but it will boost your mood instantly.

Have it on while you drive around with the windows down. Have it on while you get your seeds or seedlings in the cleaned-out and prepped garden beds. Have it on while you’re folding laundry or prepping dinner. It’s an anytime mix. Works for alone time, works for a crowd.

Without another word, I give you . . . the “Garden Beds and Rustic Breads” mix.

Get in that!

Really though do I get anything for having KU as my winner?

Asking for a me.