APRIL. (<—although right now it feels like Decemberrrrwaaaaaaahhhhhh.)

Monthly Mixtape: Icy Tulip and Drenched Picnic

But I’m fine.

I’ll be fine. It’s fine.

This photo ^^ is from our weekend Easter getaway to Fayetteville. It was warm during that very moment. The sun was shining. The blooms were singing in harmony and the flowers were wiggling with jubilation in the warm soil. I was alone, walking the square, shedding tears of happiness.

Then it got cold. And rainy. And it snowed in Kansas City.


I’ll be fine. It’s fine.

This is what spring does, and I get it. I shouldn’t be so shocked or disappointed! Yet I continue to be flattened with hopelessness and sorrow.

So I made you a mix of trickery! Something to FOOL OUR MINDS into thinking that it’s time to sit out in it, garden in it, picnic in it, happy hour in it, relax in it. You know.

There’s no real THEME theme to this mix, other than to get lost in a little bit of nostalgia, mid-tempo grooves here and there, a tiny bit of upbeat poppy tunes sprinkled in, with a side of sad. Because snow.

It’s one of those mixes that you can easily drive around to, clean up the house to, have it on in the background while you share a bottle of rosé with girlfriends  . . . to. I feel like I needed that “to” right there. I probably didn’t need any of them. Never mind.

This playlist is our only RAY OF HOPE DURING THIS TRANSITION OF STUPID. And it’s a good’n. And I hope you love it forever. The end.

I give you . . .  the “Icy Tulip and Drenched Picnic” mix.

But I’m fine!

I’ll be fine. It’s fine.

(p.s. Listen on your laptop if you’re not a premium listener! That way you hear it the way it was intended to be heard. Otherwise Spotiturd will jumble it and add songs that ARE NOT MINE. But it’s fine. I’ll be fine.)

This time last year.

This time TWO YEARS AGO omg.