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Roasted Vegetable and Quinoa Salad

Disclaimer alert: This dish is obnoxiously healthy. Proceed at your own risk. I’ve been known to be somewhat of a disclaimer queen in my day. “These dusty baseboards are not my fault! It’s like the freaking Dust Bowl part 2 out there.” “I tried to vacuum Charlie’s hair off those pillows but homegirl just gets […]

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Curried Bulgur Sliders

To avoid any confusion on the spelling of the weirdotron word “bulgur”, I’m going to refer to these sliders as Sylvia. Because honestly, why is it such a pain to spell? Bulgur, bulgar, bulghur, burghul, bullhonkylonky. This is why Sylvia clearly makes sense. What I’m trying to say is, I made something vegan! And I […]

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Vegetarian Barley Toss

Taste the rainbow? Wait, don’t sue me! Actually, let me try to come up with my own new colorful, healthy slogan, eh!? Okay, here goes: “Taste all that color, chach mcgrach.” Ehhh, boring. “It’s like eating crayons, but not as waxy.” Why do I kind of like that?   “Because sweating in Hypercolor is sexy.” […]

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Late Summer Grilled Corn Salsa

(to be read to the tune of “release me” by wilson phillips. and I am so, so sorry.) I know that it’s time for a change Mmm but when that change comes Will you still taste the same? How many times have I longed to grill you when it’s cold? I don’t want to give […]

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Raw Kale Salad with Garden Vegetables and Wild Rice

Remember the scene in Sex and The City where the girls go to that new restaurant called Raw and Miranda was all, “This is like lawn in a bowl.”? Yeah, see you’re not gonna say that here. (Unless you want to because omg it was hilarious.) And remember in another scene when Samantha goes back […]

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Green Tofu Curry with Brown Rice

I have a bone to pick with tofu. You know how when you go to a Thai restaurant with your vegetarian friend and he/she orders something with tofu in it and it comes back to the table all beautifully nestled in a vibrant sauce with colorful vegetables and the tofu is in DISGUSTINGLY PERFECT little […]

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Mediterranean Couscous with Grilled Vegetables

This meal might have forgotten to show up for hair and makeup, but maaaaaan the taste is going to stop you in your TRACKS. You know those little boxes of couscous that come with the little seasoning packets in them? No, no, not macaroni and cheese (although I would donate my pancreas to eat that […]

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Citrus Sunshine Salsa

June is busting out ALL OVEERRRRRR. Hi, I’m Bev and I like to jump the gun on everything ever. And I’m such a weenie too because we got spa-oiled this winter. We barely had one! Old Man Winter sneezed once and threw in the towel. Right on, OMW. But I have this 5-degree comfort zone […]

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Red Quinoa with Swiss Chard, Mushrooms and Purple Cauliflower

No, no. Barney the dinosaur did not in fact explode all over my quinoa. That’s some real life purple cauliflower rawt thar. Have you ever seen such a thing? Well guess what, CLASS. I did a little research on these beauts, so get out your #2 and some notebook paper and let’s get LEARNT. And […]

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Quinoa, Say Wha?

The Great Vegetarian Challenge: Day 1 First of all, today is my 7-year anniversary living in Kansas City. It is next to impossible for me to grasp this. It seems just like last week that Aaron and his boss drove to Fayetteville, AR to pack up my entire life and stick it in a tiny […]

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