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I Need Help.


Seriously you guys, with the opening of Trader Joe’s last weekend, my refrigerator wine holder has taken on a new and vital role. This can’t be good.  

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Trader Joe’s Dinner Party! (Joe Not Included)


Yesterday morning, my good friends Carly (of CarlyKlock.com) and Carrie (of this amazing place) hopped in a car, scrounged up the little bit of sanity we collectively could, and braved the crowds at the new hippy chic grocery store, Trader Joe’s. You can read more about the adventures of our visit here. To celebrate the […]

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Three Women and a Trader Joe’s


I’d never been in a Trader Joe’s. I’d never even seen one. I’ve heard people gush over it for years and years, and I’d stand there, yawning and scratching my arm pits, as I couldn’t relate to the majesty and glory of this so-called utopia of a grocery store. It was about a year ago […]

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