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Strawberry Pastry Bites

O BEAUUUUUTIFUL FOR SPAAAACIOUS SKIES, FOR AMBER WAVES OF GRAAAAAIN. Oh, hey. I made dessert! But it’s a Bev-style dessert, where there’s no crying or sweating involved. It’s nothing like this grilled sponge cake I had to make for a client yesterday and omgomgomg, I was a hot mess. All the folding of egg whites […]

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Nutella Brie Bites

This is the kind of food you eat when it’s technically spring yet it WON’T STOP SNOWING. But I’m not bitter or anything. Look at what we get to eat! Let me just set the scene for ya real quick. It was the other day and I was hungry. The end. I’m just kidding. So […]

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Beer-Steamed Clams

Doesn’t beer-steaming sound like the most wonderful thing on Earth? (But first, a quick apology at how blurry these photos are. It was pouring rain and my hair was on fire and I think my neurological system was experiencing some malfunctions.) That said, I seriously think I could beer-steam everything ever. Beer-steamed chicken? Why not? […]

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Portobello Mushrooms with Kale Pesto Guacamole

These here mushroom thingies are the new black. The new black, along with lots of bright greens, pops of white and earthy browns. So I guess you can erase what I just said. But not really because I wasn’t meaning it literally, even though two sentences ago made it sound like I was. So I […]

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Slow Cooker Chicken Nachos

I want to tell you this was all about Superbowl planning, buuuuut it was just a Wednesday. Is it too early to even be thinking about Superbowl Sunday? It’s way too early, right? Waaay too early. Actually, let’s take a poll! (I almost typed pole. Ew. Let’s not take a pole, okay girls? Stay in […]

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Southern Fried Okra

HEY, Y’AAAAALLLLLL. We’re breaking new boundaries today! We’re covering new territory! We’re broadening our horizons! And we’re using an obnoxious amount of exclamation points! We’re frying okra. But not just any okra! Purple okra. Which, okay you can just ignore that because it’s the exact same as green okra. It totally turns green when you […]

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Cheesy Black Quinoa Bites and Garlic Chicken Spring Rolls

I know, I know. It’s Saturday. What gives? I just feel like it’s taken me all flippin’ week to get my groove back, STELLA. And I just found out that Click and Clack from Car Talk are retiring and I just don’t rightly know how to handle this unexpected hurdle in life. Don’t they understand […]

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Cauliflower Stuffed Tomatoes

Hi! So it’s Saturday and I wouldn’t normally bug you this morning, BUT I have to show you these cauliflower stuffed tomatoes topped with BACON before I come undone at the seams. Let me ask – are you watching KU play tonight? (because you need to.) I have an idea – you should totes watch […]

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Turkey Potato Cups and a Broccoli Pesto Bread Braid

There is absolutely no way I can prepare you for what you’re about to read over on the Tablespoon. I just need you to sit down, clear a spot in your mind for never ending confusion and clear a spot in your throat for never ending WHAAAAAAAAATS. If you’re an old friend of mine or […]

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Scallion and Cilantro Sausage Balls

We’re back! And I think I forgot how to blog. Give me about a month to re-figure this out, cool? I’m looking around my house as the travel destruction bomb doth hit. Laundry screams at me. Christmas loot begs to be cuddled and put away in its respective places. My husband is STILL IN BED. […]

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